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  • BFF's Bad Kitty of Wishbone Clover and Stefania of CityMama are turning 40 this year and we're milking it to death, just like Jennifer Aniston. Will John Mayer write us a special 40th birthday song? No? Whatever.
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Fug it, go to Paris anyways.
[Okay, it's frickin expensive. Check out couchsurfing.com!]
Um. I'm available for SF parties?
Cheers, ladies! I have chips & drinks on tap. :D

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You

I celebrated 40 by recuperating from baby #3 c-section/hermia repair/tubal 2 weeks earlier. Do I know how to party, or WHAT?!


My 40th (two years ago) was a family affair. I had some comp time at a fab hotel up in wine country, my folks happened to be in town, so the whole lot of us (hubby and 3 year old in tow) went up for the night, had an amazing dinner out, and woke up to sunshine over the vineyards. Not quite the par-tay I had when I turned 30, but I think I enjoyed it more. And I definitely remember it better!

Karen Ambrose Hickey

French Laundry! While pregnant. Couldn't do the wine pairing, but what an awesome meal. And I finally had a huge party post-baby - at a local wine bar with lots of friends. Then other friends had a post-party party with more wine and cake.

Amy Sue Nathan

40 was 5 years ago -- it was fabulous. 4 girlfriends in a fancy hotel with Dom Perignon - then out for tapas and drinks - then laughing til late - then breakfast on a sunny warm day in February. I'd become 40 again just for the celebration! Oh, and I bought myself a gorgeous ring.


My hubs took me and the kids (then 5 years old and 10 months old) to the Big Island. I was born in Honolulu but have lots of family I'd never met in Hilo, so we met them and spent lots of time driving around different parts of the island, staying on a coffee farm and in cowboy country, visiting a cocoa bean farm and chocolate factory to learn about how chocolate is made (the pods smell like sweaty socks), and of course snorkeling, hiking, etc. It was awesome.

Rick Bucich

Surprise dinner from my wife at Bacar in SF with a bunch of great friends and Brown Zinfandel.

Hawaii sounds fun but it was special having so many people in attendance that wouldn't have made it out of town.

Don't think I would change anything except perhaps start the day sooner and end it later.

I receive a magnum of Duckhorn Cab that night that I am greatly anticipating, perhaps 45?


I celebrated 40 last week with a 4 day party. Night one was girls night out at a steak house. Night two was 10 of us for the Metal Skool (now known as Steel Panther) show--the band goes on at 1230am and we did not even need red bull to keep our 40 year old asses up until 4am! LOL Night 3 was a big group of friends and family at a cool bar drinking and feasting and hanging out. Night 4 was my actual birthday and the boyfriend took me out to lunch at one fav restaurant and dinner at another and in between we basically laid around nekkid and played all day.



I didn't feel much like celebrating and my boyfriend (who is 13 years younger) didn't really know what to do. He ended up getting us front row tickets to an LA Kings hockey game which doesn't sound romantic or special but was actually pretty awesome (I grew up watching a lot of hockey in Boston). We had beers and hot dogs and nachos and cheered our faces off.


My husband took me to Dublin. Totally blew me away...kids stayed with my mom. Nothing like pint after pint of Guinness in a country that doesn't care a fig about age to make the whole thing totally merry.


I spent my actual 40th In Vegas at the Bellagio. My offical celebration was a trip to Venice Italy and a cruise of the Greek Islands. Was AWESOME

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40 Whatever Approved

Things to Do When We're 40 (The Not Bucket List)

  • A barbecue tour of the South
    We'll start in the Carolinas and end in Texas and sample the best barbecue America has to offer. Why? Because we like meat.
  • Hotel Living
    We like: mini bars, movies, and lounging around in our pajamas with our laptops right where they are supposed to be. We'll bring running shoes to pretend like we're going to work out, but really, who are we kidding. You see where this is going?
  • Knock some sense into dumb people
    We'd love to be the camp counselors on a show like the Real World or Rock of Love.
  • Eating Dinner in a Vineyard While the Sun Sets
    You know those scenes of a dining table set in a Tuscan or Sonoma vineyard dressed with beautiful linens and people sitting around it drinking wine and eating and laughing while the sun goes down? We want to be those people.
  • Yoga Retreat in New Mexico
    Some of our fondest memories are of spending time doing yoga together. Do other wannabe yoginis spend the entire class laughing together? We do.