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Now I'm wondering where you stand on (now don't get defensive, ladies) when it's time to stop bleaching one's hair blonde. In nature, blonde doesn't last long, as we can see by the far fewer number of older blonde men (who are less likely to color their hair). Down in SoCal, lots and lots of women bleach well into their 60s, and frankly...it looks not so good. Even in the 50s, I think it's hard to pull off. It makes me think of the woman who let their hair grow long. So...what say you?

cat/bad kitty

I say if you're going to color your hair -- and this is true for blonde, pink or black hair -- get it done by a pro.

As reality show contestant once said, "Did it in the kitchen, quit yer bitchin'!"

If you use a box from Walgreens, eventually you will have dry, brittle, and mono-color hair. Blonde is especially difficult to do at home because done right, with toner, it's a multi-step process.

So my ruling is this: if you are "older" and want blonde hair, yay you. Now go pay someone who went to beauty school $200 to do it right.


Is it wrong to just let your hair go grey? Somehow I think I have earned them :-)

cat/bad kitty

Liz, grey is fine, especially if it's a choice between that or box color. The important thing is the cut and the care. Condition-condition-condition!


I suddenly feel the urge to defend my long locks (which btw are really long). It was either cut off 8 inches or let it grow a couple more and donate it to Locks of Love. Seriously though, I can't wait until this summer when I chop a chunk of it off and have short(er) hair again.

cat/bad kitty

OMG, Robyn, you have PRETTY hair. That is HEALTHY and CARED FOR. And STYLED!

If all long hair ladies were classy like you, I wouldn't have had to write this post.

And you rock for doing Locks of Love!!!!


A couple years ago, I told a friend in her late 50s that I was torn between growing my hair out, and cutting it short.
She said, "You'll have short hair when you're old, grow it out!"

So I did. When I told her about this the next year, she'd forgotten the conversation, and just wanted to know: are you happy with it?

And yes, I am!

Now, granted, I'm only 32, and I still get carded more than half the time at the grocery store, so, I've got awhile before these rules apply!

I do have a *great* layered haircut, and professional highlights, too, so I've got that goin' for me.

I'll check back in with you ladiez on this issue in a few or several years to see how we're all doing! :P

Sharon Castellanos

My hairdresser understands my desire to be like Caroline K-S because (a) my hair is thick (b) I'm lazy and have a hard time spending more than 15 minutes on drying/styling my hair and (c) she is prettier than similarly "tressed" cousin Maria (no offense)


"...unless you're the bound concubine of Duke Leto Atreides"

I TOTALLY got the reference.

Your pal (and science fiction geek)


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