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I think your Friday meal sounds just splendid!


How do you make bulgogi lettuce wraps? They sound really good.


For the bulgogi lettuce wraps, the easiest thing to do is to buy thinly sliced rib-eye from your local asian market. If you can't do that, you have a couple of options: look in your regular supermarket for beef that has been thinly sliced for stirfry or stroganoff, or buy a large rib-eye or two and thinly slice it your self.

Marinate the beef in bulgogi marinate (you can google this, it's like a teriyaki marinade).

Then grill or pan-fry meat. Eat by placing meat and rice on a large lettuce leaf (green or red leaf works best) wrap like a taco and eat. If you are near a Korean market you can pick up some spicy chili/soybean paste sauce to go with it.

Pamela Hornik

Have you ever thought of giving cooking lessons ? I read this all and want to cry-- I can not cook.You are inspiring me to want to learn.


I love bulgogi - but I've never tried to make it myself, although I've always been temped to try. That's what we had for Christmas dinner a couple years back when Nate and I visited some of his family in CA. His sister promised us a huge ham dinner, then left us high and dry - so a cousin rescued us with a little homemade Bulgogi. (Nate is 1/2 Korean.) It was great.

That bean paste, is it called Go-chi-jon? (I'm spelling it the way I call it!)

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Cooking Gear To Spice Things Up

  • All-Clad cookware
    I use the stainless line. I love it because you can put it in the dishwasher. If you like to cook it is sooo worth it to have quality pots and pans. I recommend buying a set on sale and then filling in extras as you need them. (Watch for sales and specials.)
  • Cast Iron Skillet
    Please get rid of all your teflon-coated non-stick plans and get a cast iron skillet. I use mine for searing meat, poultry, and fish and then finishing off in the oven. In fact, get two cast iron skillets—one large enough to hold two ribeyes and a smaller, fried-egg-sized one for making...well...eggs.
  • Food Processor
    Quickly slice/shred veggies and cheese, make hummus or other spreads in a snap, and make pie crust without making a mess.
  • Global Knives
    I am partial to the 18 incher. Yep, I like big knives and I cannot lie. If you like to cook (or even if you don't) you deserve to have good knives. At least one.
  • Instant Hot Water Dispenser
    If you can't afford to have one built-in, this is a great alternative. It's nice to have boiling water at the push of a button to make tea, instant miso soup, or morning oatmeal for the kidlets.
  • Microplane Grater/Zester
    Use this to grate citrus zest, nutmeg, and cheese. You could get a coarser one, but you don't need to. I have one and I use it for everything.
  • Penzey's Spices
    A great resource for all your herb and spice needs.
  • Rice Cooker
    Every family should have one.
  • Silpat
    Silpat is a silicone mat used for baking. They come in various sizes. Items will not stick to it. It is a must for any home baker.
  • Stick or Immersion Blender
    It doesn't have to be fancy, but try and get the highest HP you can afford. I use my stick blender (+ attachments) for making salad dressing (weekly), pureeing soups, making babyfood, and whipping cream.


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