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July 24, 2008



It may not be your Blackberry, it may be the headset. I got a free Jabra bluetooth ear thingy with my Motorola phone and it does what you don't like ... it always answers on the ear thingy unless you disable it through the phone.

We bought my husband the Motorola bluetooth ear thingy and you can either answer the phone either way without interference from the other. Oh, and it makes him look like a salesman ...

Does that make sense? Not enough coffee yet ...

cat/bad kitty

Hey, if anyone loves this, I'll be giving one away in about two weeks on styledash.com. It is pretty, for a crazy geek android sales tool item. And the packaging is outstanding.


Everyone-please do enter Cat's drawing and keep her on your radar. She gives away some cool shite on StyleDash!


I've never seen douchey written so many times in one place. :)

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