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October 19, 2008



I'd love the pullover! Looks like the kind of item I could wear way too often.


Yay! Your bday is the same as my daughter's, she will be probably the same age as you - 22 right? Thought so.

I would love the half zip pullover.

Land's End is great for us plusser sized girls and they have the bestest color selections.

Lucretia Pruitt

Are you kidding? Land's End RULES!!!

Not only that, but they have a rockin' set of uniforms that my kidlet wears for her school - love their stuff!

I'd be so awesomely thrilled to have a Women's Half-Zip Pullover - black like you of course! :)

Going to go retweet this mama!

Lisa E

Sherpa Fleece! Where I am it GETS COLD!

The Aitch

How fun! I didn't know Lands End did plus size - so um, that's a plus! I'll take the lands end sherpa in Light Cove Blue ;)


Yay for Lands' End. I'm a long-time happy customer. Gotta play the odds here - toss me in for the Half-Zip Pullover. :) Thanks!

Erika @ Chic Shopper Chick

I would love the Half Zip Pullover! The Fleece one is nice but it's waaaayyy too thick for Louisiana Winters! By the way -- I saw your workshop at BWE and you are sooo not Whaley! Give yourself some cred, girlie because I think you look fab!


Oooh, I love Lands End fleece! I already have a half-zip pullover so if I win I'd love to try the Sherpa fleece. Thanks for the great giveaway!


All of my suits are Lands' End for the same reason, plus they hold up really well.

I'd love a sherpa fleece!


Sherpa Fleece, puh leeeeeeze!! And Happy (early) Birthday!!

David Damore

Wow! Gonna have to give Lands End a look. It's been a few years since I've thought of them.

Checking out http://www.landsend.com/ right now.

If by chance I am the selected winner of this contest... Mom will love the Half-zip Pullover.


Janet F

I would love to win the Women's Sherpa Fleece, to keep me warm!

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com


I vote pullover! Also, you rock!

Karen Murphy

That half-zip pullover is sharp! I adore Land's End. They used to be the only seller of kids' pants with adjustable waists (for my tall skinny dude), but thankfully other places have jumped on that train.


I buy from Lands End ALL the time. My kids love their boots! The Women's Half-Zip Pullover would be perfect for me. I get cold easily in the winter and am always looking for a good layering piece!


Half zip please! Thanks so much and happy, happy b-day to you!

Jill Asher

ooooh... pick me! I am a Lands End Junkie - especially their tank-tini bathing suits!


Ohh, I love Lands' End! And I'd love to have a Sherpa Fleece! It would come in handy since Colorado is so cold in the winter!


I would love the half zip pullover in a very predictable black!


Can't pass up a lottery with these odds! Half zip pull over please... My mother in law would be so proud.

Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama

I love Lands End too and am a huge fan of their no iron-no wrinkle dress shirts and their kids' snow boots. I'd love to win the Sherpa Fleece in Vivid Plum. Happy early birthday!


I'd love the sherpa fleece! It's getting really cold over here and my budget isn't supporting buying a winter coat :-(
Oh, the joys of being a poor college student!


I would love to win the half-zip pullover - I could have used one this morning! Brrrr!

J. Fergie

i love lands' end too - i've been wearing it since i was a little kid. can't go wrong with the quality. i'd love the pullover!!

De in D.C.

Love the pullovers, and prefer the half-zip pullover. It'd be perfect for working in the yard; warm without being too bulky and easily moves with the body.


I love that jacket!

Both of those pullovers are awesome, but I looove the sherpa fleece. Looks cozy!

Kimberly/Mom in the City

Women's Half-Zip Pullover - thanks!


I would love the Half-Zip pullover! I am a huge Land's End fan as well. And am loving the kids clothes.
Happy (early) Birthday! I will have a drink for you! :)


I love the half-zip (and I agree with you about the Lands End bathing suits).


we LOVE lands end at our house. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

i'm in for the sherpa fleece, and because i'm...ahem...busty, i'm particularly thrilled to see the plus sizes.

happy birthday!


I'd love the sherpa fleece in charcoal heather, although the brown argyle half-zip is tempting...


Gena OBrien

Happy Birthday!!!!
I like the SHERPA! It looks so yummy and saaaaaahwft! Love, G

Sarah Cool

I'd like the pullover! yay fall!! :)


Half-zip pullover, please! I'm a huge Lands' End fan--have you tried their kids' backpacks? My son is using his for the third year, now, and when he outgrows it, I'm certain it will be in fine (that is, perfect) condition for his little brother!


I love the half zip pullover. Thanks for the chance.


love love love the half zip pullover!


Ooooh, sherpa fleece! How perfectly cozy for those early morning preschool drop-offs... :)

And happy birthday to you!


OOh! Love Land's End. Sherpa Fleece, please. (and thank you.)

Happy Early Birthday!


I love the Sherpa Fleece. That looks like it would be toasty warm on cold park mornings.


PS I'm not sure when you got your hair cut but I LOVE the new style!!! (Many apologies if you did this forever ago and I'm only just now noticing...) Love, love, love the bangs!


I also love LE. I'd love the pullover - I am sure it would get into top rotation for me. :-)


Land's End has great stuff! I'd like the half-zip pullover.

Lisa Kohara

Halffff Ziiippppp Pulloverrrrrr. Yeah. You are the one who turned me on to Land's End bathing suit separates this past summer. LOVE them!

And Happy Birthday early, Miss Thang! :)


I LOVE the sherpa fleece in vivid plum! Happy Birthday!!


Ooh, the Women's Half-Zip Pullover is nice & so many cute colors to choose from!

Hope you have a good b-day!


I guess I will be the one different person....I am not usually a Land's End fan. I think the Sherpa Fleece has structure to it and I like that it is for multiple temperatures. If I win, I will enjoy this as I have a similar piece but tend to overheat when I wear it on tween temperature days.

Naomi in Ohio



hi! wow, great giveway! i'd love the sherpa fleece. i've never commented on your blog before - i'm a lurker.


hi! wow, great giveway! i'd love the sherpa fleece. i've never commented on your blog before - i'm a lurker.


I like the half-zip pullover best...but both are lovely!

Happy birthday...it'll be your birthday here in two hours! :)


That jacket is cute- And way sleaker than my big down parka! (So I guess, that's my pick.)

Thanks for the coupon code- I just ordered a Dory jacket to get me through the fall feeling cute and warm!


I hope tomorrow is a great birthday! Thanks for doing the giveaway. I've been hearing about Landsend quite a bit on various blogs. I am going to have to investigate - another excuse to shop - I love it!


Sherpa fleece - that bus stop gets cold!


I would love the half zip pullover - perfect for going to yoga in the winter. I haven't bought myself a new fleece like this since 1990!

Midwest reader

Ooh, Sherpa me please!


Hello! Happy birthday, mine is on the 30th and its my 30th birthday,(auuuuugh!) I am a brand new mama to my daughter from Haiti and now realize how much free time I had pre-toddler, I have not had a chance to buy a winter coat yet and would love to try Lands Ends clothing.
The Sherpa coat looks perfect-I love the Admiral Blue color.


hear you on the lands end bathing suits.
we have just moved from Sunnyvale back to cold, cold Massachusetts.
I need the sherpa fleece for school pickups!


I would love the Sherpa Fleece! Happy birthday!


The jacket looks so lovely and simple. (Happy early birthday!)

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