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November 15, 2008



I'd go for the slippers for hubby. Size 13, too.


We always need warm jammies here in Alaska. My girls would love them!


Those pjs look delightful for a cold Sun Valley, ID night for our 5 yo little lady and/or 3 yo spunkster. Whatever City Mama's got left... :)

The Aitch

I deserve the slippers!

Amelia Sprout

Yeah, we need the jammies here in Minnesota too. Still can't figure out how you would get cold enough for them there, seeing as we only get out the fleece when it hits sub zero... Must be the years of built up tolerance. Girl, toddler sized.


Love those jammies! I think my daughter needs a new pair. Thanks for the giveaway!


I love Lands End! I'd go for the PJs for a girl.

Janet F

I would like the terry travel slippers.

Thank you!

jnaetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

Brooke Raymond

oh, i'd go for the pajamas for a girl in a size 6 and/or 4.

Mary Jenkins

I'd like slippers for my hubby! His feet are always freezing, and he'd really like this style!


Lawyer Mama

Oooooh, those slippers look cozy! The cats have lost one of mine....


I would choose slippers for hubby, because it's so hard to find big enough sizes for him. I hope the 13 will fit!


Girls pjs - Our house is arctic, too but I can get the boys to stay covered!


The girl pjs looks so warm and cozy.


Boys jammies in Penguin (size: Toddler)! They're so cute and look so cozy.

Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama

Our kids' rooms are in the old part of our drafty house so the girls' PJs would be perfect! Thanks CityMama and Lands' End!!!!


I like the land's end slippers for him - much needed with the oncoming cold weather.


The girls jammies please! Maybe one day I'll win one of these....gotta love the giveaways!


I love the guys' slippers! I'd like a pair of those for myself ... though I guess if I won, I'd give them to my husband.

Deb Roby

I LOVE Land's End! And red slippers? Red is my favorite color.

So I'd gladly take the pretty women's red slippers.

(ignoring that spouse is a size 9 and we gots no kids..)


terry travel slippers!! i wish i were wearing slippers now. =\


I wish the chilly winter would start already. 70 degree weather the week before Thanksgiving is insane. I love good weather, but this is not normal bay area November.


I'd love the jammies (for a girl). It gets cold here in New Hampshire!


Slippers for me! Thanks!


Love those shearling slippers for hubby - size 10, please!


We too have a drafty ranch with horrid windows, but our house was built in 1955. We live in wool and fleece from October until April. Land's end is a godsend - their snow suits are fantastic for the kids.

I would dearly love the pajamas in big boy size S in the woodland and cobalt if there is a color choice.

Thanks City Mama!


jim-jam for a girl please. our house is poorly insulated too.


Slippers for me! Thanks so much!


I love the pink slippers!!! Whoo hoo!


I would love the pjs! Size 5 for my Isabelle or if two are available, for my boy Sam (24 mos). Delurking hoping to win!!!!


I'd have to go with the slippers for me - love the color and they would be well used all winter!


I would love the travel slippers -- too many iffy hotel room carpets in my future! Thank you!


I'd go for the male shearling slippers because I love wool!

Jennifer G.

I'd love the pajamas for one of my daughters.


I'd love the pj's for my son!


Lands End rocks, huh? I'd love the travel slippers (selfish me!)


Lands End rocks, huh? I'd love the travel slippers (selfish me!)


Lands End rocks, huh? I'd love the travel slippers (selfish me!)


Yikes. Ignore those extra comments. Firefox went a little crazy! Sorry!


Those slippers would come in handy right about now - ceramic tiles are like walking in a freezer.


I would go for the jammies for one of my kids... I love to snuggle them when they have fleece on! :)


thank you for the offer! the fleece is too warm for my girls and my husband has already picked out the slippers he wants so...that leaves me!! yippee! and I would love a pair of cozy, girlie slippers to wear while I work.


my love interest has been searching for some house moccasins (as he likes to call them.) i would love to surprise him with these :-)

RD Mama

New jammies for my little girl please!


I'd love the slippers...


The mens slippers! Size 10.5 for my husband.


I love contests! PJs for 8-yr-old girl, please!


Size 8.5 plush red slippers to pamper my sore feet, please.


Terry slippers for mom's cold tired feet, please!


What a great giveaway! My husband could totally use a new pair of slippers for Christmas. His fell apart this summer.

ho ho ho


Love Lands' End. Would love the PJs for a 7-year-old girl.


am I too late? I'd love the red slippers - my feet are like ice blocks!
thank you!


The men's slippers! Yay for stuff!


I would love the slippers for myself...


Slippers for her please!!!!


Slippers for her please!!!!


The slippers look amazing! Would you ship to Canada? I live in Toronto and could really use them. Love your blog!!!


All looks so wonderful. Think I would choose the slippers for hub -- size 12, I think.

Hope you are having a great week!


My daughter would love some new PJs! She's a long, skinny stringbean, so I guess a girls' large would do the trick.


These are great - good old Lands End. I'd go for the mens slippers - the Dear Other could do with a new pair!! :P


I'm with you on my bare feet never touching the floor. I would love the slippers.
Love your blog!


OOOO - what a great giveaway!

Slippers for the guy ... size 11 please.

They look COZY!


Pajamas for six 6 and/or size 3 boys, por favor, senora.

I've lived in Montana and Washington, DC, but something about Portland's wet, wet winters make me feel colder than anywhere else.

Midwest reader

I'm a her's slippers girl! xoxoxo

Lovely giveaways!

I'd love the jammies for girls (honestly, to go w/my holiday donation bags for a local non-profit). Thanks for doing this!


slippers for her size 9 please...


Last year hubby ordered me up some red monogrammed slippers from Lands End so I'll hope to return the favor and get him some nice cozy slippers in size 9-1/2 or 10. Thanks CityMama!


slippers for her - great idea!


hmm...how small to the jammies come? my son is only 4 months old...though they could always be saved for next year. though if they don't come small enough i guess i'd go for the slippers for hubby (assuming they come in a size 14...)

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