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January 30, 2009



Very cool! But honestly, I have no room in my freezer.


Genius - pure genius! I have a half deep freezer and this is perfect!

A bit expensive, but well worth it in my neck of the woods (Wisconsin) where my fresh herbs are under two feet of snow for 6 months out of the year. How big size wise are the containers? Do they snap closed easily and with a tight enough seal? Now if only they offered a coupon.... [laughs]

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What Should you do if you are riding a VERY hyper horse and there isn't a possibility to lunge him???
He will be very fresh.any tips ???

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I have a 2 liter plastic bottle of soda (Diet Caffeine Free Dr.
Pepper, if that makes a difference) that froze in the refrigerator (it
was a new fridge and I set it too cold). I took the bottle out and
let it thaw. The bottle has remained sealed the whole time. My
question is, if I now open and drink the soda, will it taste different
then if it had never been frozen and thawed?

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