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April 07, 2009



what the??? a case of the stuff? whoot!
I can appreciate your yogurt love. We went to Turkey last summer and I could not get enough of the yogurt, luckily they DO sell it by the vat there. I love Fage as it reminds me of the Turkish yogurt - creamy, thick & totally fresh tasting.


I have eaten Fage since my girls came home about 2.5 years ago. Now I eat every single day for breakfast as I am dieting and it is the perfect balance of indulgence and good for ya low cal breakfast. I have turned other friends on to it as well. I would seriously consider using Fage over sourcream in some recipes.



We are major yogurt lovers at our house. Breakfast for my 3 boys usually is fruit and nut granola mixed in yogurt. We have never tried Fage, but will have to make a trip to Whole Foods Market to pick some up!

Gena OBrien

Oh my I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff.

I eat it with granola and honey--or in a frooty smoothie.
Also yummy with red grapes and strawberries.
SUPER HIGH CALCIUM=excellent for Mamas


Dude, get some Straus Family whole milk organic. (Also the large red carton organic yogurt at Trader Joes). Drain it for a couple hours. And voila. It is the best thing I have ever tasted, and for $2.99 you can make about twice as much yogurt at the F brand. It is from Nor Cal, too, so for you it is practically local.


They sell larger tubs of Fage at Costco. Both my girls love it.

m stevens

I love it, and could eat a whole case. I too am definitely pro cases. Cases of vat sized tubs would rock..


We love FAGE yogurt too, but it is really pricy around here. I have been buying the Stoneyfield Greek yogurt "oikos" because it is a little cheaper at the co-op where I shop, but the FAGE is better, especially because the toppings are on the side. I love that.

Lori Kunian

I had gastric bypass last year and because of the higher protein count I was recommended to eat greek yogurt...I started eating the chobani, but then fage was on sale and I have been hooked ever since...I cannot get enough of it...I eat it sometimes twice a day, once for breakfast and then again for a wonderful dessert with strawberries, so yummy and delicious..My favorite is the 2%....

rene balogh

i love this stuff with HONEY! I buy the plain yogurt then drizzle my own honey on each bite. i figure you get more yogurt by buying the honey separately.


I'd bathe in the stuff if I could.
My only problem with Fage is that it's a huge PITA to find here in good ol' WV.
Therefore, a case of it would be fantastic!

Farah Woodburn

Just came across this as I am eating some Fage with blueberries on top! It is next to impossible to find here and I have literally BEGGED the local supermarkets to carry it-yesterday I found 6 6oz containers at Kroger and I bought them all!!!! I was doing the happy dance. I hope they continue to stock it because though its expensive I would happily get a 2nd job so that I can continue to buy it. Acase would be great, amd probably gone in less than a week!


I eat the 10 % plain fage. It is the creamiest thing in the world. Plus all that milkfat actually helps the nutrients to assimilate into your body. For those who have tried both 2 % and 10 %, is there a huge difference in taste?

My favourite recipe is to drizzle virgin coconut oil, coconut milk and some freshy grated coconut meat onto the yogurt. I like mine low-carb so I don't add sweeteners, but you could add some dried goji berries and manuka honey.

Another recipe is to blend a full avocado with the fage yogurt. Add some mint and corriander to taste.

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