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April 13, 2009



The cooler in the back would be a great feature!
I'm with you on the drink holder thing too. Every passenger must have a place to put their drinks!


very interesting!


Hi Stefania,

I'm glad you got a chance to try the Flex out and that it suited your needs so well. You clearly did a very thorough review!

A few things, if I may:
1) It's not a cooler, it's an actual compressor-driven refridgerator/freezer.

2) The "GPS thingy" as you call it is actually our Sirius Satellite Navigation. It's designed to give you directions, weather, sports scores, movie times, as well as real-time traffic alerts and fuel prices, so you can make the appropriate decisions while you're driving.

3) You actually shouldn't have to touch the rear door to make it close. All it needs is a touch of the button, either on the console, inside the rear quarter panel, or twice on the fob. Don't know why yours required a manual nudge as well, but that's not normal.

4) Yes, that was leather. :)

5) I'm sure you guys don't have "crap." ;-)

We get a lot of comments about how the Flex looks - it's a design that people either love or hate; there's no middle ground, which is the sign of good design. It's not everyone's thing, but Ford is getting a lot of credit for breaking out of the mold.

As far as fuel efficiency goes, you had the AWD model, which won't get as much mileage as the FWD model. Still, for a vehicle of that size (4500 lbs.) and capacity (up to 7 passengers), it's among the best in fuel economy. That's the reality of a large vehicle.

You wondered who besides families would need such a vehicle. The answer is: anyone who needs a people mover. It could be a livery service, a rap star (like Nelly, for example), a senior center, or others. We've been very careful not to market this vehicle at any one demographic, because it's so Flex-ible (I know, sorry).

What we are doing to improve performance though, is including an option for the EcoBoost engine, which will increase fuel economy by up to 20% and reducing C02 emissions by 15%. That should make a difference to a lot of people.

As far as your wants & needs, you might check out exactly what we're doing in the way of electrification and other sustainable solutions. http://ford.digitalsnippets.com/electrification & http://ford.digitalsnippets.com/environment

What also makes a difference is seeing someone like you share your story, experience and opinion with your community. We're glad to have provided you the chance to do it and we're extra happy that you had a great trip to see your family.

Scott Monty
Global Digital Communications
Ford Motor Company

Aimee Greeblemonkey

Awesome girl! And seeing as my hubby drives the ultimate box car - The Element - he probably would love this thing!


Neat. I'm not a fan of the styling, either, but the inside does sound very cool.
[As does the trip!]


I love my Ford Flex. I've had it for 4 months now & the only down side is the headrests do push your head forward. I love the looks so much that ours is named drop dead Flexy!

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What a fancy car !! I want one of them !

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