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June 23, 2009


Amy @ TasteLikeCrazy

Well, damn. I can't say all of the above?

Panini grill. Blender. Panini grill. Blender.

I guess I'll go with blender.

I'm from the South and all about making gravy and think soups so the handheld blender would be pretty freakin' cool.


i would love love love the indoor grill. i would make grilled veggies every day for my family :) breakfast, lunch and dinner...would have some sort of grilled feature!

in the words of donkey from Shrek..."pick me..pick me"!

Gena OBrien

Panini Grill!
What can I say, I didn't get Kev(the Hubby) anything for Father's day, and the man LOVES a ham and cheese panini. He always wants to buy a panini maker and I bitch and moan about counter space.I am so mean!
So save me from myself and panini me!Please.


PANINI GRILL, PLEASE! I already have a hand blender, not a Breville, sadly, but I hardly ever use it. I prefer my margarita's on the rocks, and, really, that's all I'd ever use a blender for. Heh.

I LOVE me some panini's. I'd eat them every night if I had a panini maker. My husband probably hopes I don't win this.

Thanks, Stefania! xoxo


I'll go with blender! I'm spending the summer away from home, which is a total delight, but I CANNOT WAIT to go home and see my BFF and make margaritas. A blender could totally make that happen!


Would love, love, LOVE the juicer!! Hubs and I are desperately trying to be more healthy and eat more naturally and we'd love to provide yummy fresh juice for our 3 y/o daughter who's just now learning to eat/drink by mouth (due to a birth defect that left her with 1/2 of small intestine and g-tube feeds since birth)! This would be fabulous! Thanks so much for the chance to enter.


I heard about your giveaway on twitter. I would love the panini grill. Paninis are my favorite, if I had it right now I'd grill up a ham, cheese, turkey, and pepperoni on sourdough bread with lots of veggies... yum! Now off to make me a real dinner :) These appliances look amazing! Thanks for sharing.


I would LOVE the Blender - Iced drinks are going to be the only way I survive summer and this pregnancy (plus hey - margaritas all round when she arrives!) And once I'm full drinking my full I can whip up my own babyfood!


I am crazy about that tea kettle. The first thing I would do is have friends over for a tea party to try all our teas at the correct temperatures. :)


It's a tossup between that thar panini grill and the cordless blender. I would make me (and my family! Not just me!) some smokin' (but not charred) sandwiches for lunch and dinner, and maybe breakfast too.

With the cordless blender, mashing cauliflower and squash with garlic and butter would be a pleasure.


It's hard to pick! But the Indoor Grill would be great for grilling up chicken, burgers, veggies, etc. during the rainy winter and fall months.

De in D.C.

I'd have to go with the juicer or the blender. With a new baby on the way next winter, I'm sure I'd get lots of use out of both to make healthy, nutritious food for the new arrival. My old blender broke about 3yrs ago and I never replaced it since the ones in my budget level are crap (just like the one that broke, haha).


Oh, boy. I would, of course, love to have the entire kitchen arsenal. I have been lusting after the Juice Fountain for a while but I know for a fact I would use the Smart Oven every single day. Wait, is that one even an option?! Okay, if the Smart Oven isn't up for grabs, then I'd go Juice Fountain. Although the concept of a cordless Hand Blender is pretty fetching... but Smart Oven. Yeah.


I would so choose the juicer - I'm doing Weight Watchers and I miss drinking juice (so many points! argh!) but if I had the juicer, I could whip up something much healthier than the sugar laden junk they sell in most grocery stores.

Busy Mom

Must. Have. All.

OK. Panini grill, then.

I will...wait for it...make paninis.


This is such an awesome giveaway! With a toddler & a newborn we're working hard to eat healthy but we're time crunched. So it's a toss up b/w the indoor grill which is perfect for our tiny condo. Oh the grilled veggies we'd eat! And the blender is a dream! We just started having green smoothies regularly & our cheapy blender is already on it's way out. Our current favorite recipe is spinach, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, avocado, yogurt and a bit of flaxseed oil...yum-o!


Oh my word, I would love that panini grill. I am a sandwich fiend and I would use it all. the. time. There's nothing like that fabulously grilled/toasted/smushed effect you can get with a good panini maker. The first thing I would make is a wicked grilled cheese sandwich with onions, spinach, avocado, tomato, and some kind of strong cheese—a smoked gouda, maybe?

Gosh, I hope I win. I'll be craving that sandwich for weeks now.


The geek in me would really like the tea kettle. Who knew that all those teas needed different water temperatures?

Wendy Davis Fornaciari

Well... My husband is Italian and loves him some panini sandwiches. and yeah, me and the kids adore paninis too... the panini grill would certainly make a delicious ham and provalone sandwich grilled to perfection! yummm. :)


Boy, if I had to choose one I guess it would be the blender. Ours is a hand me down that is too wimpy to crush ice! We are a smoothie-making family and would be whipping up a new batch every single morning.


Indoor grill! Indoor grill! I've been wanting one for ever so long, but couldn't justify the cost. I'll be grilling chicken breasts, burgers, and squash (my personal fave).


Would love the panini grill; love to make panini for my husband (one thing he leaves to me in the kitchen)!


I would love the hand held blender. Had a corded one years ago and could never find a plug close enough to use it (old houses have hardly any plugs). Now I have a newer house and lots of plugs but the blender is gone. So a new one is needed and cordless...what a dream.
I would make lots of homemade dressings and smoothies and anything else I might be able to whip up.


I have been looking for a good indoor grill that I can clean in the dishwasher. Especially in the winter (and when the propane runs out) we love to cook kabobs or grill chicken.


panini grill!! i'd make yummy sandwiches and include some of the bounty from the garden: basil, tomatoes, roasted peppers, roasted eggplants...i'm drooling.


The Indoor Grill for grilled cheese (with fresh tomatoes from our garden) or tempeh reubens...


ooh i'd choose the blender! i was recently at the sunset celebration weekend and they kept chatting about how great a hand blender is needed for small spaces. and this is cordless! so you could take it outside and whip up some whipped cream for your outdoor brunch waffles!

since the boyfriend and i are moving in together, we'll definitely need something like this - small and easy since i'm sure we're moving into a not so big place. this would be awesome and used a LOT!

Brooke Raymond

Oh, that juicer looks spectacular. We are getting ready to move to Austin and I can imagine all of the Texas ruby red grapefruit i could juice with that beautiful machine!


Juice blender, aall the way. Lemonade and agua frescas, all summer long, baby.


I have been lusting after the juicer! Funny how fantasies change when you've got kids. Or maybe that's just me.
Having 3 boys who all eat different fruits and veggies make a struggle for me. I get the fusion juices once in awhile, but that's not so economical. I'd love to just juice up what I have here and I know they'd drink it...I could hide anything in it! As for me, I need it because I'm pregnant again and with the boys I have little time to sit around preparing a multitude of fruits and veggies all day and stressing over who eats what, and why grapes were the favorite yesterday, but not today!...I could just whip up a batch O'somethin' and slam it and be all healthy and on my way!
Thanks for the opp, Citymama! Your job rocks =)


Ooooh hand blender! And I will make soups galore, including my fave butternut squash puree this fall.

Rhea Mitha

1. Indoor Grill
2. grill without making the neighbors mad!


I would love the hand mixer! I was just telling my husband how much I wanted one to make soups, purees, smoothies, etc. but just couldn't bring myself to fork over the money for it. It's more of a convenience in our house than a necessity. I have a few other tools that I use that just take more time and muscle. But oh the things I could make with one!!!


I would love the juicer, so I can try making some interesting juice combinations for my kids. I don't like a lot of the storebought juices, so being able to give them fresh juice where I know all the ingredients would be awesome.


I would love the Juice Fountain! I've been toying with buying a juicer for about a year now and for some reason juicing is experiencing a resurgence in popularity on blogs right now ... I want to try beet juice!


Great giveaway! I'd love the handheld blender! I make tons of soups and this would make my life so much easier.


I would like the tea kettle. I would use this to have tea as a little pick me up in the late afternoon, instead of resorting to iced coffee and having the jolts for the rest of the night.

thanks for the chance to win.
Good luck with all your new projects (house, company, etc.)


Indoor grill! Looks amazing, and I'd love to be able to grill indoors when the weather outside isn't cooperating.


It's a hard choice...but I'm going to say the toaster! If I win, I'm going to toast a slice of my homemade bread for each of my 3 kids and me ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Nobody crying because the other two have cinnamon toast already and he doesn't! A mama can dream...

oona b

I would put the cordless blender to work right away making soups! In the past, I have reserved some of the soup, and transferred it to the regular blender, and then always end up splattering myself with hot black beans! I didn't even know there were cordless blenders! I think my husband and I would fight over who gets to use it first to make all kinds of yummy things with fresh Oregon fruits and veggies.


Gosh, I was torn between the juicer and the panini grill, both things that I've been wanting to have for a while now. I think, though, that I can keep using my Foreman grill for sandwiches for a while longer, so bring on the juicer! I came in from a very hot run this morning, and I knew I needed something nourishing, but my oats seemed so heavy and wrong for summer. A protein-packed smoothie, though, would have been perfect!


Juicer! I would LOVE the juicer to make healthy drinks for my kids!


Oh the panini grill! There are so many things you can make besides a panini...and the options for panini's is endless.


chez shoes

The tea kettle - to make coffee. Hey, it's got a French Press setting!


Juicer! Definitely the juicer. I don't have one for the same reason you didn't - ease of maintenance.


The four-slice toaster, please. With the addition of the youngest, we find that someone always gets cold toast/muffins/bagels as we have to toast in shifts w/ our small one!


The Juicer for sure!!! My brother introduced my son to his juicer and he is totally entranced, as was I with the delicious result! So it would be a fun and healthy activity to do with my boys!!!! YUM YUM!!!

Khaliun Peterson (Holli)

I would love the Variable Temperature Tea Kettle!!
I drink tea with every meal and trying to switch my family to drinking tea instead of juice or soda at dinners. I'd brew different tea and make iced tea assortment, which would be great in this hot weather and much better than soda.


I would make glorious summer pannini's with a pannini grill: Fresh mozzerella, basil, ripe tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil. It would remind me of that summer in Paris.. Ahhhhhhhh. Awesome giveaway- thanks


The indoor grill looks great. I've been meaning to get one to try my hand at grilling steaks and chicken since my husband refuses to get an outdoor grill.


indoor grill! living in a condo with no balcony i'd love to have some burgers that weren't made on the stove top.

Kelly R

though i could eat paninis every day, i'd have to say i'd like the electric kettle.

my preggo brain didn't realize there wasn't any water in our previous kettle before heating it up. it wasn't until the smell of burning plastic that i realized what i had/hadn't done.

with that said, we'd use the kettle to heat water for teas, coffees, and morning sickness remedies. :o)


I want one! I want one! Either one, I just want one! Thank you.


Oops! I would love to have the juicer as I am always trying to find new ways to get fruit into my children! Thanks so much!


I would love the panini press! I make grilled sandwiches all the time and have wanted one of these for months. Thanks, Amy


I would love to have the juice fountain to get some more veggies in my family, specifically my 1.5 year old! He used to be so good with veggies and then he just quit one day. Hide them in juice I say! I like the sound of both your recipe and your girls' fave.


i would go for a blender. I just can't do certain sauces right and a blender would solve some of those issues (or I am just a bad cook).


It's currently 104 here in Austin and the dog has melted. We LOVE to grill, but we just can't bring ourselves to light a fire outside and stand near an open flame. I've resorted to drawing grill marks with a black sharpie on our chicken breasts. We would so love to be able to grill indoors with that lovely grill!

Keep up the good work!


I think I'd choose the Indoor Grill for a couple different reasons. First, because my husband was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and most of the gluten-free breads need to be toasted/grilled in order to taste good. Second, I'm always jealous of the neighbors cooking outside on a grill in the summer, but we don't have one and aren't likely to, but this looks like it would be a pretty good substitute. We'd make lots of hot sandwiches, chicken, fish and veggies.


Panini Grill! I really want one! Great for my mommy friday brunches. A few mom's & myself are going to do so every Fri. one the kids start Kindergarten. It's much more affordable for us to to take turn hosting, than going out to eat. Smoked Salmon Panini, Brie & Apple..YUM!! The Panini Grill would get sooo much use!-Kristine


I have always wanted a juicer but have not gotten one mainly because of the cost. Free would be a nice price for the Juice Fountain! I would make juices galore and especially make some fruit / veggie combos to make popcicles from to get some extra veggies in my pickiest eater. Thank you!


the cordless hand blender, definitely. I hate having to transfer the soup to my blender cup-by-cup and then transfer it back!

Shelly in Austin

I would love to have a toaster! Mine is old and cheap and doesn't work well and I need to use it almost every day! Waffles and english muffins and the like are breakfast staples in my house. I would love to toast up a bagel, but it won't fit in my toaster.

Jennifer G.

I'd love the indoor grill since I don't know how to use the outside grill. Burgers, chicken, even sandwiches sound good.


I'd love the panini grill, but for ulterior motives. My best girlfriend just finished grad school and has no income and when she raised the idea that she wanted to buy a panini grill because she loves them (the paninis) so, her husband balked at the expense. So if I won it, I'd give it to her... them I'd make her make me paninis!

Angie in Texas

Panini grill all the way . . .

Can you imagine all the roasted veggies, the hot sandwiches and meats I can make with one of these bad boys?! bulgogi sandwiches here I come!!!


A panini grill for some quick weeknight dinners. And it's my birthday today so I'll make this my blowing out the candles wish! (I can have more than one right?)


I TOTES need that hand blender for gazpacho and other delectable things. And potato soup. Yup.


Blender! Because, despite outward appearances, my soul is Mexican and I want to make aguas frescas with all of our beautiful California fruit.

James Hofheins

I would love to win the Panini Grill so I can do something nice and make a good, healthy lunch for an overworked wifey.

Thanks for the chance!

James Hofheins


I'd want the panini press. I'd make delicious panini, home made peasant bread with cambozola and fresh pears. No wait, same bread, but lemon marmalade, arugula and goat cheese. Wait, no yogurt cheese spread and fresh tomatoes with fresh herbs.

Aw crap, I can't decided on just one.

Susan from Food Blogga

Mmm. Panini or blender? Don't have a panini and my blender just croaked. OK, panini b/c I'm working on a sandwich cookbook, so it'll help with conducting "research." Thanks!


Since I live in a cave, I am new to Breville...so thank you for educating me! Cool stuff.

Anyway, I would choose the indoor grill and I would make fabulous grilled chicken and grilled pineapple that would likely be served on a bun together. :)

kim p

Indoor grill! I love to grill, all year round. When it's rainy, when it's snowy, when it's freezing cold, when I want dinner quick, when I want easy cleanup with parts that go into the dishwasher... nothing beats it. Veggies, sandwiches, chicken and my new favorite, marinated shrimp. Something for everyone in the family.

Antique Mommy

I would like to have the hand blender. I would make me a pina colada and tell my husband it was a smoothie. For my health. It would not be a lie.

Selfish Mom

Oooh, tough choice. I'm going with the toaster, only because ours is half broken, and has been for years. And I would use to, um, toast things.


Panini Grilllllllllll!

I have been making my own paninis on my makeshift setup (grill pan, with a foil covered brick on top of the sandwich to press it down), and somehow that feels a little ghetto.

I would love to see how my goat cheese, arugula and tomato jam panini would come out on this bad boy!


I have the "never wins things on the Internet gene", but... Blender. Blender. Blender. I would use it to make everything from Barefoot Contessa's bernaise recipe to my special fruit blend for freezer popsicles to my green apple/potato soup -- all the things I would use a blender for! Sadly, I don't have one, because my roommate moved out to get married... and I was waiting to buy one with Gradon. But THAT one would solve ALL our problems.


I want a 4-slice smart toaster. To make toast. Shocking, I know.

Bruce MacGibbon

I would love to have the juicer. I have always wanted one but my wife would never let me buy one and we eat alot of veggies and fruit and it would be nice to be able to make a juice drink out of them.

Take care,

Bruce in Oregon


I would LOVE the cordless hand blender. I make a lot of homemade soups, and as I don't have a blender to help chop things up, my soups are often kinda chunky. If I won this, I would make soup SO much more often, as it's one of my favourite things to make/eat. I'd probably also experiment a lot more with different recipes, make my own salad dressings, and so on.


With the panini grill I would make a gooey sammi with pesto, roasted red peppers, and fresh buffalo mozzarella on some yummy fresh Italian ciabata. MMMMMMM.

To Think Is To Create

Gotta say the blender, we make green smoothies and need something more robust around here to handle the ice, the greens and all the other goodies. Ours is too whimpy!

Debra Q

My teen and tween got hooked onto paninis a couple of years ago while on vacation. A small restaurant in town has started to offer them on the menu but wouldn't it be great to make at home. Better yet for them to make paninis THEMSELVES. It's a great way to widen the palette.

Amy J

Ack! Juicer? Indoor Grill? Tea Kettle? How to choose? OK, I made my husband pick a number between one and three and the Indoor Grill it is! We would, well grill. Everything. Which we do in the summer outside, so this is perfect for us. (Though the juicer or tea kettle would be lovely and well used as well.)


I'm thinking I'd like the Panini grill or the indoor BBQ.

Hmm. that's a tough choice between the two.

I'd make some cuban sandwiches. so yummy


Wow. Hand blender...because my daughter bakes and she's just discovered meringue topped pies. Yummmmmmmm. This would make it EVEN EASIER for me to get my pie...I mean, for her to practice her baking skills. Yeah, that's the ticket...practice...


The juice fountain. I'd love to experiment with different fruit and vegetable combinations for our children.

brooke blecher

BLENDER BLENDER!! (the Breville plug in one). i use our 10 year old blender from my wedding to make my morning smoothies (yogurt, fruit, milk and flax seed!!) and get complaints about the noise from my kids. i only complain about the fact that it barely blends the fruit. i don't know how good it was 10 years ago, and now . . . forget it!


4 slice toaster - i'm going to make toast! we love toast in the morning and with 5 in our house it takes a while with only a 2 slice toaster.


Blender! I have a grill and food processor, I can toast on the griddle, but I can't blend delicious drinks...and I love me some blended drinks...coffees, milkshakes and of course delicious fruit smoothies. Just thinking about it, I wish i had a blender right now!


4 slice smart toaster please.
It would be nice to have a toaster that actually works! I hate burnt toast and bagels...


I was just drooling over most of these in WilliamSonoma today... I'm like just about everyone else here and is crazy for all of them but who doesn't want amazing stuff in the kitchen?
I'm a sucker for sandwiches though, so squishing the top of the list is the panini maker for sure!

Here's hoping!
Thanks Stefania


I can picture that grill as becoming a part of my kitchen!!!! Tough choices, but the grill is my ultimate fav!

I am an avid chicken fan and there's nothing better than eating grilled chicken in the winter when everyone else is sick of soups, chili, and oven junk. I want to feel summer even when it's negative zero here in Indiana.

Thanks for such a great giveaway!


Hmm...The panini grill for me. Hot sandwiches. Can't wait.

Gayle K.

The juicer. We got my mom one for mother's day a couple of years ago. I would give it to my soon-to-be sister-in-law. She's trying to lose weight before the wedding (15 months away) and in general eater/drink healthier. Of course, we're also both pretty boozie and what would got better with vodka than fresh squeezed juice.


Oooo...I'd love any of them, but the juicer is my top fave at the moment (just bought myself their immersion blender and it rocks!) carolie(AT)wordmagix(DOT)com


Duh...I forgot to say -- I'd make delicious juices with all the organic produce I have access to (which is much cheaper if you will take the occasional bruised fruit or veggie!)


Can I tell you that I would use that panini press every single day? We like pesto, turkey, and melted cheese on sourdough in our house.


I would love an indoor grill. My kids love grilled food, particularly my 4 year old. We live at 8,000 feet so our grilling season is short. The indoor grill would keep my husband from having to dig out the grill in the winter.

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