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You guys crack me up. And that Robert Pattinson thing? ZOMG, how many shades of wrong is that.


I totally need a 30 Whatever badge.

Cuz '69/'79 we rawk it.

Yous gals are HAWWWT.

I'd hit that.

Jessica Ashley (Sassafrass)

Welcome to the interwebs, almost 40 layyyydayyyys. I love what you're doing here and can't wait to bling up my blog with yer badges and whatnot.


Hi ladies. Just wandered over here from somewhere else I don't remember. Blogher probably.

But how refreshing to find two 40 (or almost 40) bloggers - from the Bay Area, no less! (me too) - and not another blog from 20 somethings who have more energy for parenting and most other things than I do and just make me feel old and disgruntled.

I'm gonna grab me one of your badges... see ya's soon...

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40 Whatever Approved

Things to Do When We're 40 (The Not Bucket List)

  • A barbecue tour of the South
    We'll start in the Carolinas and end in Texas and sample the best barbecue America has to offer. Why? Because we like meat.
  • Hotel Living
    We like: mini bars, movies, and lounging around in our pajamas with our laptops right where they are supposed to be. We'll bring running shoes to pretend like we're going to work out, but really, who are we kidding. You see where this is going?
  • Knock some sense into dumb people
    We'd love to be the camp counselors on a show like the Real World or Rock of Love.
  • Eating Dinner in a Vineyard While the Sun Sets
    You know those scenes of a dining table set in a Tuscan or Sonoma vineyard dressed with beautiful linens and people sitting around it drinking wine and eating and laughing while the sun goes down? We want to be those people.
  • Yoga Retreat in New Mexico
    Some of our fondest memories are of spending time doing yoga together. Do other wannabe yoginis spend the entire class laughing together? We do.