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I found it worked really well in my sauteed brussels sprouts--regular balsamic muddies the pretty green color, but the white balsamic gives you the sweet taste without the color.


My mom got me some white balsamic and I found quite a few uses for it. One very easy thing to do is quickly saute chicken cutlet in olive oil, remove them from the pan when browned, then, in the same pan, saute some garlic, add a jar of diced tomatoes, add a hearty amount of white balsamic vinegar and capers and let the sauce reduce a bit; then throw the chicken back in to warm or finish cooking through and then serve the chicken topped with some sauce and chopped parsley. It's very tasty, a good mix of salty, tangy, and sweet, and so fast cuz the only thing you have to chop is the garlic (and the parsley, if you are not feeling so lazy that you forego it).


interesting! speaking of vinegars and the like have you ever tried the pomegranate glaze from trader joes? its right next to the oils and vinegars but it is a great little addition to some foods!


I've never tried the pom glaze, but have tried the pomegranate vinegar--I drizzled it over sauteed spinach and it was a really interesting juxtaposition.

Stefania Pomponi Butler/CityMama

All righty then! Will go stock up on pomegranate glaze and vinegar next week. I love pomegranate syrup (fancy grenadine) and tea so look for pom recipes once I test everything out.

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