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You hit the nail on the head - you're lucky to live in CA. I currently live in Israel and don't read (or speak) Hebrew, so grocery shopping is a challenge. 2 1/2 years ago we moved from Santa Barbara - local wines! local cheese! local olive oil! local fresh caught seafood! EXCELLENT year-round farmer's markets! fresh, local strawberries available all year around except two weeks in January - to Louisville where the farmer's market only ran Apr-Sept, and let me tell you, April through late June was pretty bleak. (We could buy flowers and herbs). We did get to know our local farmers, though, and bought beef and pork to store in the extra freezer thru the winter. And Whole Foods - literally the only option other than Kroger - did sell local eggs and cheese. But it was rough.

So this is my long winded way of saying I currently can't join you, but I definitely envy you!


I try, but this time of year in NY it's hard to find much local produce beyond apples, potatoes and greens. But I've joined a CSA for the summer, and we just bought a whole pig - raised about 100 miles from home! I too envy your California resources. Good luck next week!

Abi Jones

You're lucky with the wine area. Here in DC we're within 100 miles of a bunch of horrible, horribles wines. Yick.


i have been thinking about this a lot lately too. it seems where you are as well as where i am it is so easy to find delicious local organic produce.we do the farmers markets every sunday but we go thru such an enormous amount of produce from each meal, to juicing, etc. that its so hard to keep my fridge full. we are joining a co-op so there's a start for me. have fun with it!


We are lucky to live here- easy to buy local. I hope to see you at the farmers market.

On another note, do you have any chicken ideas. My kids are tired of all of our meals.


We like to do an Eat Local week in August. It's a fun challenge. There isn't much local here yet though...we're in NH. Can't wait for the Farmer's Markets to start in May and our CSA to start in June.


HM, can I do it? I can try! We will have to have another playdate so you can teach me more fun things to cook.


I live in central NC and my BF and I aspire to eat locally as much as possible. We have a CSA, and supplement from the farmer's market down the block and from the local Co-Op. Flour, sugar, salt & the occasional soy product are our exceptions, though we use locally baked breads when we don't bake our own, and drink wine & beer from the area. Hard? Occasionally. But it's generally delicious, makes us eat a larger variety of foods than we thought, and it's actually cheaper, as we've learned to dry our own herbs, and to can excess produce. This weekend we're making strawberry jam.

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