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izzy's mama

That sounds divine. A relative of bulgogi(sp.)? If you wrap in lettuce leaves, when do you remove the bones?

izzy's mama

That sounds divine. A relative of bulgogi(sp.)? If you wrap in lettuce leaves, when do you remove the bones?

carne al fuoco - barbecue & ricette

wonderful... we love Barbecue Beef Ribs... greetings from Italy


ooooohhhh my gosh.

Thanks for this one...I LOVE kalbi!!!


izzy's mama, cut the meat from the bones then wrap. and yes, you have to use your hands to get every last bit of meat off those bones. the bones are the best part so dont be shy!


I LOOOOOVEEE kalbi. Loved it since I used to eat them at the yakinikuya in japan. Always wondered how you made them.

If you can, can you post the recipe to the bean sprout namuru(spell???) as well??


I heart kalbi. My mom has been making it for as long as I can remember but we've never wrapped them in the lettuce leaves, a refreshing idea. We've always gone more for plate lunch style w/ mac salad and rice. I might just have to make me a big ol' gigantic batch this weekend. Costco here I come!


This sounded so mouth watering that I went to the local costco to buy the beef ribs but I couldn't find them. Which Costco did you go to? I couldn't find them in the Redwood City warehouse.


My dad had a Korean housekeeper, and she made this often, even showing my dad how to make it, and it is a favorite of ours! YUM! Thanks to Mrs. Wylie,(sp?) BOTH of my parents can cook great, LOL!

Lovin what I cook

Being from Hawaii, I was very fortunate that I was exposed to all sorts of cultures. Now that my family and I are soooo far from home (SC) I have had to learn to cook the foods that I love to eat.
I had to improvise and have come up with my own version of kalbi which I know is not authentic, but everyone that has come over, (even country fried steak lovin, cant live with out my mashed potatoes and collard greens people) and by no means am I trying to be mean, ALL have loved it.
I use three equal part of soy, sugar and water, (usually 1 cup each)
1 - 1 1/2 heaping table spoon of minced garlic
about 5 stocks of chopped green onion
4 - 5 half dollar size 1/8 inch thick pcs of ginger root
1 - 1 1/2 table spoon of sesame oil
and then I cover the top of marinade with roasted sesame seeds

I dont let the ribs marinade for more than several hours but can cook after 30 minutes of soaking

Sugar, water and soy need to be mixed till sugar is disolved....

Hope you enjoy!!!!

Web Design

I recently saw a recipe for this on Marks Daily Apple. Can't wait to try it out.

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