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That's beautiful. I wish she could come sit at my lunch table.


Awe, she's such a sweetheart! This totally made me teary. I swear, CityMama, I don't know how you do it! I have a 6 month old boy and can barely keep my head above water. You're super inspiring! And your blogs are awesome to boot! I am a SF mommy myself (originally from Portland though) and my mom's signature scent is Joy too. What are the chances? Ha! I just discovered the world of blogging and found yours, so I've been having fun catching up.


Very sweet story that had me welling up a bit too. I spent a large part of 3rd & 4th grade eating lunch alone because I was the new kid (switched schools three times..major trauma) and wanted nothing more than someone like Bunny to break the ice. You must be proud...and hats off to you for raising such a great girl.


I think ... I think I would taste this.


Sweet! I love inari sushi. My Grandma makes it for me when I visit.

Be sure to avoid the sesame seeds for when Bunny sits at the "nut free" table -- some kids who are allergic to nuts are also sensitive to seeds.


this made me a little teary since my middle son will be the boy sitting at the peanut free table. he'a allergic to nuts and seeds (no sesame oil or seeds in korean food puts a huge dent in our diet!), along with milk, eggs and soy. he's the sunniest kid with the sweetest disposition and it breaks my heart every time i have to keep a food from him. i do my best to substitute everything so he doesn't feel left out but it's really hard.

much love to bunny for being the kind hearted, loving little girl that she is. give her a hug from me!

Scrambled CAKE

That is a very sweet story. I second Kelli's comment about the sesame at the nut-free table, but overall applaud your sensitivity to the nut-allergy issue. Now we know where your daughter gets it from.


Gosh, I am totally making inari for my daughter now! I had no idea it was so uncomplicated!

*note to self: find cute bento box


You totally made me tear up at work. She is the best kid ever! And she is just like you.

Deborah Dowd

hat is one of those wonderful parenting moments that let you know that you must be doing something right as a parent! Congrats on a wonderful child, and exposing her to different cultures through food! It is a great way to build a bridge.


I don't think those tears were inexplicable at all - I think there is a perfectly good reason for them: happiness.


I wish there were more kids like your daughter! Thanks for doing a great job as a parent and teaching your child to value others and good food!

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