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Biggie @ Lunch in a Box

The bento box you got is a good, sturdy one by Asvel. I had one with pink removable subdividers, and it held up well for years until one of the flaps eventually broke (sniff). I also like the little removable rubber thing so that the food can continue to cool after the lid is closed, minimizing the vacuum effect that makes it hard for children to open the lid. Happy bentoing, and thanks for the shout-out on my blog!


That's too bad about your experience in Jr. High...I went to a small parochial school here in the S Bay (100 kids from Jr K to 8th grade) and I brought bento lunches and everyone loved them. Kid's would sit around hoping I'd share some of my goodies with them.

Oh, I just started reading the LunchinaBox site a month ago and kept hearing about the wonders of Daiso, which is opening soon in Cupertino! You'll soon be able to get even more bento boxes & accessories.

Chic Muse

I love bentos! You're kids are so lucky! ;)

Chic Muse

I love bentos! You're kids are so lucky! ;)

Chic Muse

I love bentos! You're kids are so lucky! ;)


Oh, thanks for showing these! I've been looking for some smaller Bentos and had no idea where to go -- now I know I can hit one of the Asian markets around here. :-)


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I get to start packing lunches 2 days a week for my almost 2 year old and have decided to go the bento way as well. I'm excited to see what recipes / configurations you share! I'm such a dork - I already ran out to Michael's today to find small cookie cutters to keep things interesting for her...


your kids are so lucky to ahve you packing their lunches. i am so bummed that kindergarten is part day only so no lunch packing. not til next year so i have lots of time to plan!:-)


Yay! You found such great tools and utensils for Bunny! So psyched to have your blog as a resource when I have to start making school lunches.

I unfortunately never had a bento box growing up, but I remember hovering over my Japanese friend's bento box (with our non-Asian friends), just hoping she would share some of her sushi. Looking back on it, she must have been so annoyed with us. We were bento box VULTURES.


That is so cool! I wish we could get things like that here, but I've never seen anything like that--not even in the asian grocery stores here in MN.


I can't wait to read the next installment of "Bunny's Lunch Box". I think mama-hood offers so many opportunities for creativity and packing a lunch is one I certainly look forward to!


I picked up the cutest one at our local Hello Kitty store (Sanrio). I am still obsessed with HK so my daughter and I are in there all the time... They had a few different ones and although we aren't big sushi eaters, I love it for all of the lunch stuff we pack... I too am in love with packing lunches, I'm a big "I love you" on the napkin writer. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up, most malls have a Sanrio store so check it out!


Dude. I was getting all psyched up just to make peanut butter and jelly (i apparently grew up NOT in hawaii)... You are cute with your bentos.


I love packing food for my boys. I just have so much fun cutting and arranging the food into lovely shapes and colors.

I don't know why there are not places in the Bay Area that I know of, that sell bento boxes. What I wouldn't give to buy a bento with musubi's, mochiko chicken, spam, teri beef, corn beef hash, and the list can go on and on ...

My husband still makes fun of me when we fly home from Hawaii and I have to take out my bento packs from Tanabe's Market on the plane. He teases me about the smell but who cares! Yum!


LOVE the bento box. i grew up with the same and just purchased some for my boys! packing lunch is so much fun. i must admit, i'm getting a little crazy cutting fun shapes and trying to think of fun ways to make lunch. now i know why my mom spent so much time making our lunches, she was really creative and i always loved opening up my lunchbox (70's orange tupperware lunch box)!

i can't wait for your lunch installments.


i picked up a few for work at the daiso in south sf. did you know they are building a daiso in mountain view? i can't wait b/c i need a bigger bento box.


Where is that market ??? I have lunch box packing envy !


Where is that market ??? I have lunch box packing envy !


I read Vegan Lunchbox and just drool over the photos and descriptions, but when I showed them to my boys, they both said absolutely not. But I could still use a bento container for their sandwiches and veggies, right?

Mary Tsao

I'm getting all excited about the comments telling about a Daiso in Mt. View. Yay!

I packed my first lunch today and went the PB&J with a banana route. It's possible my kid will be happy with that same exact lunch every day this entire year, but I have promised myself I'll try a bento lunch and see what he thinks. I know he'll eat at least the rice...

Can't wait for some recipes!


Your bento box ROCKED!! All of us just wanted to know why we had those boring brown paper sacks....
Obviously, our 6th grade class had a bad case of lunch envy! xoxox

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