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March 13, 2009



I'd have to say the worst lunch was somewhere within the 1-3 grade, right when school started (Sept) so still hot in the bay area. A bologna & mayo sammy where the mayo had become translucent because of the heat. ewwwww


I would have to say tuna salad sandwiches with soggy bread by the time lunch rolled around were the worst!

Ms Bento is fab, I'd love to win it, we only own plastic bentos.

Gena OBrien

1. Worst lunch my Mom ever packed was actually for my Sister Amy. My Mom used to put the bank deposits from her business in brown paper lunch bags, and she sent my sister to first grade with a brown sack of a couple G's. Now that I think about it--she could have bought hot lunch for the whole school in those days!
MMMMM, "Sunshine Salad" for all!

2.I would love either Bento. They are both SUPER KAWAII!

Carol aka NYCity Mama

Oh man. The worst lunch my mom ever made was PB&J...for almost a month. It seemed she thought I would love it, and I did...but after a week, I couldn't take it anymore!

Ms. Bento is lovely...I could so use this on those adventures of mine when I am left hungry and wanting something warm!


The worst lunch ever was packed by my grandma (God bless the dead). She made me a HEADCHEESE sandwich when I was in middle school. It was totally vile and stinky and all of my classmates were like, "the hell?" My mom swears I liked headcheese as a little kid but I don't recall that. I mean, seriously, who likes head cheese?


Oh, oops, I would like the Ms. Bento!


My mother told me when I was in second grade that I was old enough to make my own lunch or I could buy lunch. I know she was an overworked, tired, single mother, but the worst lunch was the school lunch she made me buy!

I love the mini-bento. If I don't win, I think I might get one for my birthday!

Miss Behavin

1) I don't recall any bad lunches. Seriously! Does that disqualify me?

2) I'd LOVE to score the mini-bento! Corbin would be the coolest kid at the park sportin' that thang...


Urgh...peanut butter for 4 years in a row. I begged for salami and pepperoni!

I love the mini-bento, but honestly, I can't have just one, so if I win I will be buying another for the other twin!


I would love to win one of these. I have lately been coveting Bentos and these look especially cool!


Do you really want to know?

Leftover brussels sprouts instead of lettuce on my sandwich. Yes, I did not eat it. Mom thought it required something green.

I don't like brussels sprouts.

And either bento would be good.


oops! Here is a comment, AFTER reading the rules:

1) Worst lunch ever had to be leftover shepards pie that had turned into beefy mashed potatoes, delicious now- total teasing fodder back then!
2) I would love the mini bento!


I don't remember bad lunches but I do remember the foul smell my metal lunch box had--Josie and the Pussycats. Maybe I left milk in the little thermos too long??

I like both, but maybe the Mini-Bento a little more.


I can't remember my mom ever making me a lunch. I remember making my own lunches of peanut butter on saltines accompanied by a pack of doritoes. I like the mini-bento...so cute!


Worst lunch?

One word. Lentils.

I love the Mini-Bento. Because my boys enjoy mini-snacks!

Elizabeth Hall

Hi Stefania!

I love making bentos for my daughter too!

My mom started nursing school right when I went into kindergarten, so she made huge loads of salami sandwiches, one slice of regular Wonder bread, and 1 slice of "wheat" bread, and threw them in the freezer. In the morning we would have to grab one of the frozen sandwiches and an apple. The sandwiches were never thawed by lunchtime. Appetizing, eh?

I would love that mini bento, but I'm not picky!


When my mom was sick once, our boarder made me a pimiento loaf sandwich on white bread. I had no idea what it was and it totally freaked me out.

I like Ms. Bento!


I'm in - anything Zojirushi rocks. We've got a Zojirushi rice cooker. Plus, the paint color of our house is "Bento".

Nobody ever packed anything for me. I packed everything myself. Including a thermos of white milk, which I already hated but was even worse by lunch time. Ugh.

And since I'd probably use the bento for Tacy, I'd go with the mini. Granted, I'd have to send along utensils, but she'd have the coolest bag in school.


I think the worst lunch was actually one I packed for myself. It was a fish curry that was delicious the night I made it but was just not the same the next day. And yes I broke the cardinal rule of microwaving fish at work...oops! I would love the mini-bento. I became obsessed with bento boxes after first reading your blog for the Oregonian in 2005. I want one!

Angie in Texas

the worst lunch: fried egg and FRIED bologna sandwich slathered in "sandwich spread" where the bread had basically disintegrated into a white, gooey paste. YUMMY. =/ Not.

I'd like the mini. =)


Hands down worst lunch ever was a spam (like canned spam...ugh) and mayo sandwich; I didn't much care for spam at home so why my dad thought it was a good idea to send me to school with it still escapes me. And mayo in Mississippi in an non-insulated lunch bag is just begging for trouble.

Ms. Bento would be perfect; the girls could trade off taking it to school as we just won a load of soup from Campbell's!!


I don't remember a particularly terrible lunch, just boring. We tended to get the same thing day after day for weeks at a time. Sometimes peanut butter and jelly, sometimes turkey and mayonnaise, sometimes salami and cheese. Always with an apple, and 2 cookies of some sort.


I have to agree with Emily above - I really don't remember many lunches - they were just there and mediocre at best. Although I do remember when Capri Sun came out (1981?) I would have been 8. I begged my Mom for WEEKS for them. I did so much begging for them, it really sticks out in my mind.

Anyhow, she finally and secretly to me bought a pack and sent me off the school with one snug in my lunch box. Imagine my surprise and ecstasy when opening my lunch that day. No one in my class had one in their lunch yet. I was the cool kid! I think I may have gotten a twinkie in my lunch too - score!

Well, she "forgot" to put in my lunch the little hard, pointed straw that comes with each pouch. She added a regular bendy straw which of course did not puncture the front of that juice pouch. Years later she admitted that she thought the straw was too hard and pointy for an 8 year old and threw them away. d'oh!

Every lunch lady and teacher tried to open it with a can opener (the beer top kind) with other straws, with forks, with dullish knives and the damn thing would NOT open. I think I cried when one lunch lady snipped a corner off the pouch and poured the juice in a cup. Major fail!

At that point I was pretty embarrassed over the whole thing and sniffling into my sandwich. I also had to quickly eat my lunch and then drink my cup of juice down fast since lunch time was just about over. Someone felt bad enough over it that they called my Mom and let her know what had happened.

So that is my bad lunch story. Not so bad, but just randomly hair-brained on my Mom's part. Those bentos are sure cute. I'd love either one! (I'm a bento virgin!) Sorry this is so long!


I also don't remember a specific lunch item that was bad but one day my dad packed me lunch - well do I have to say more - anyway - he made me a PB & J sandwich on the ends of the bread...yes the ends..and not only that, instead of putting it in tin foil or wrapped in a paper towel like everyone else, he used the bread bag. I was mortified. (but now..how very green of him to reuse that bag). And to top it all off, he packed my lunch, not in my lunch box, but in a brown paper grocery bag. he threw in the sandwich in the bread bag, some whole fruit and a cookie (I think). But obviously the bag was way too big, so he cut it down and then stapled it.
Gotta love him for trying, but it was the most embarrasing lunch ever!

I would love either bento. I use a bento (Laptop Lunches) for my son's lunch and would love to use one for myself.


I honestly can't remember any packed lunches from my school days. I know there must have been some, but I can only remember the crap-tacular cafeteria food. The worst? The time they must have gotten a really good deal on (fake?) mozzarella cheese and proceeded to make all the grilled cheese sandwiches out of it for a month or so. Ugh!

My own boys pack a lunch every day and I'd love the mini-bento to share with my preschooler!


PUHLEASEEE! I love these! I can stop at the Chow Hall and steal some goodies to make my own bento here in Iraq. Ooooh I wanna win!!!!

Miss Behavin

The rules clearly state we can enter our name once a day - I'm baaack!

Yeah, I'd say I'm trying real hard to score one of these puppies. Will flattery help?


My mom made me awesome 'bento' lunches. I remember kids would crowd around me, hoping to get some of my strawberries or other yummy foods. Even though it wasn't a traditional sandwich lunch, no one thought my food was weird.

I would love a Mini Bento!


The worst lunch was tuna salad in my old metal Blue Falcon and DinoMutt lunchbox. Before the cold packs. Yuck. I would not eat it and it stayed in the lunchbox for days after.
When my mom found out that I didn't eat it, she gave up on making me lunch. Thus began my unhealthy trend of eating ice cream sandwiches and chocolate milk every day for about 6 years.
I have vowed that I will do everything in my power to pack my kids a lunch they will enjoy.
But I'm over it, mom, mostly...
I like the Ms. Bento for picnics with the family, hopefully, this summer.


I asked my dad to make my lunch one morning in high school, since I was running very late but hated cafeteria food. He packed me a huge thick slice of bread machine bread and SEVEN boiled eggs. Everyone was like, "So, um, I guess you really like eggs, huh?"

Another one - in 4th grade, my mom made me super healthy sandwiches with this fancy spinach pate every day for a week. It was actually really good, but the other kids thought it was nasty because it was "puke-green". This same week there was a stomach bug going around and I ended up throwing up after lunch 2 days in a row. They swore it was the spinach sandwiches...

I love the mini- bento. So adorable! Packing lunches was one of the things I looked forward to the most about being a parent too.


worst lunch...fried bologna and a smishy, squashy pear - ew!

I would love either bento, getting both hot and cold items into my girl's lunch is always tricky!

thanks CityMama!


Worst lunch here. My mom would not buy "school lunch" fare. And if we had a thermos, we didn't have the lid. I vividly recall that we had NO FOOD in our house suitable for my lunch. While my friends would have sandwiches lovingly prepared, with or without crusts, small bags of chips, bags of grapes, homemade cookies, on more than one occasion I'd open my brown bag to find with two warm slices of monterey jack cheese, "Is that butter?" a friend asked...two rye crisp torture slabs and a banana, which my mom kept in the freezer, so you can imagine how unappetizing it looked. Maybe a pear, if it was fall. That was lunch. I dream about Ms. Bento. She's my real Mom.


With five kids my folks would make 25 PB&J sandwiches on Sunday night, then freeze them. Each morning we would grab a sandwich out of the freezer and by noon would have a soggy, yucky mess. Maybe that's why I'm not a big fan of lunch. But quite often have dinner at the office. I would love the Ms. Bento!


My grandmother actually packed me what the mother's day out people thought was a bed lunch : a mayonnaise sandwich. They thought she forgot the meat!! But truthfully, that is how I liked it!
I would love the mini bento, but they are both just adorable.


Man, this is too bad. I'd love a Mr. Bento but I don't have a good "bad lunch" story. I WISH my mom was still making me school lunches. PB and Banana wrapped in tin foil and 35 cents to buy chocolate milk. Homemade tomato, cucumber and rice soup that I used to eat for breakfast on the go on jazz band days. Kimbop. Mini club sandwiches. Tetley iced tea in a juice box. I feel for all the kids at my school- they get "bentos"-- school lunch or lunchables. What grosssss stuff.


My own worst lunch memory is a PB&J that got so warm before lunch that it tasted a bit fermented and yeasty -- ick!!
I have been lusting after a bento lunch kit, just haven't ordered one online yet (they are not very readily available here, and I haven't been to the Asian grocery in a long while -- time to go!). I would use it to pack my son's favorite "home lunch" -- a flying saucer sandwhich (bologna and cheese on a bun -- see, it's round like a flying spaceship! I really am a child of the 60s/70s, as that's what our school called these! Now I make them for him).
I would choose the mini-bento and my son might need to share it with me!


My mom always, always packed me a PB&J sandwich on wheat with a whole apple. Inevitably, the apple would squish the sandwich to the width of a piece of paper in the center... yuck!

I have the laptop lunch boxes for my kids but would love to have a Ms. Bento for me!

Chrissy McCarthy

Well, I didnt take packed lunches, but I got THE GROSSEST Corn Dog EVER at school lunch. It literally had a circular rubbery thing in it! I gag thinking of it!
Ms. Bento for me!


Hi, I don't have this kind of memories, I live in italy and here we don't use to have a lunch box at school and when I was kid I stayed at school only till noon. What I remember is what my mother prepared us when they had a night out: toast with ham and cheese and a banana smoothie.
I like both of the bentos!!!!!! would you send them in italy too???? it would be so great,
Moreover, i use enrno lazlo too, it's fantastic!


grilled cheese that was not even grilled. just two pieces of wonder bread with american cheese put in the microwave...

mini bento!


Oh I don't mean to be harsh (sorry Mom), but since it's a new day, I thought I would come up with a new worst lunch. Topping tuna salad with soggy bread would have to be second runner up, EGG SALAD with soggy white bread.

And, I still adore the Ms.Bento, would love it!


I think the worst was in 1st grade when my agreed to send split pea soup in a thermos, at my request, instead of insisting that when lunch rolled around, I might be sad that it was the once a month hotdog day which also featured POTATO CHIPS! and COOKIES! We were not a hotdog, potato chip, and cookie sort of family so this day was terribly exciting. And my poor little first grade self felt so grown up asking for split pea soup leftovers, that I couldn't anticipate the misery of eating lukewarm, pea-colored mush while everyone else ate HOTDOGS! and POTATO CHIPS! and COOKIES! Sigh. I promise I would never send split pea soup on hot dog day if I had the Ms. Bento... Thanks for the chance!


Either Bento would be great - I have 2 girls, one in high school and the other a 4th grader. They would love these!


One time I got pork sung (dried, shredded pork) between 2 slices of bread.

I would love the mini-bento.


I love the Mini Bento! The worst thing my mom would pack me for lunch was a thermos full of milk. It might not seem that bad but this was back in the day before insulated lunch boxes. My metal Mork and Mindy lunchbox never kept the milk cool so every day at lunch I would have to choke down a thermos full of luke-warm milk. I felt guilty pouring it out so I would always drink it.


I don't have a worst lunch story because my mom made me buy hot lunch so I never got to bring my own lunch. I was so bummed because I really wanted a cold lunch. Pretty funny. My kids are the opposite. They wish I would let them buy hot lunch.

I would love the Ms. Bento but would take either. I have Celiac and need to bring my own food all the time. This would be wonderful to have!


I don't remember anything that was particularly bad, but I didn't like bologna sandwiches.

Would love to have the Ms. Bento.

Carolyn S.

Okay, this is true! The worst lunches were the ones my mom forgot to make! She was never one to cook...but when she did make lunch, it was always bologna, american cheese, mayo and (ugh!) butter on white bread no less. That squishy mess was followed by bags of chips that were mostly air and oil and Twinkies.
I definitely get my gourmet lust from my dad!

I would so love that mini bento for kindergarten next year for my daughter! Right now we are using mini tiffins and Inidan spice containers from Cost Plus World Market!


Most of my lunches were pretty boring, but I do remember one time when my mom had worked the 3-11 shift the night before, but had to work late, and so was not fully awake while making my lunch. At lunch I bit into a peanut butter and mayo sandwich - YUCK!

My mom always made PB&J or ham&mayo sandwiches for me, and was so tired that morning she forgot what she was making halfway through.

All I ate that day was the bag of Doritos.

I'm a bento virgin, but I'd love to try it out! While I'd be happy with either, if I had to pick one I'd choose Ms. Bento. It would be great for lunch when I'm in clinical for nursing school.


1. Egg salad sandwiches. I like egg salad, but on a sandwich that's been sitting at room temperature for ~4 hours in the coat closet? No thank you. I'm surprised I didn't get botulism, now that I think about it.

2. Ms. Bento looks awesome! I walk to work and my precarious stack of tupperware containers and foil-wrapped food just doesn't make it some days. I'd love a container that is specifically meant to be thrown in a bag and hauled around.

Thanks for the contest!

julie b

The best lunches were made by my dad, while he was recuperating from surgery, and they always included a cute note on a napkin and sandwiches that could not even fit into a regular sandwich baggie - they were so big and fluffy. He had to use two baggies.

The worst lunches were made by my mom after my dad went back to work and they included frozen sandwiches made with diet bread and diet cold cuts (no I was not overweight) and flattened down by an orange. They were supposed to defrost by lunch time but instead were soggy and flat.

I really need that mini bento for my kids!


I'm back to enter today!! I would love the mini bento. Worst lunch ever, ketchup and bologna sandwich...yuck!!


I always did my own lunch but since I was the oldest I had to pack my little brother's lunch too. I was so aggravated at having to do this I would always make his PB and J sandwiches with lots of extra jelly so that it would be really soggy by the time he had to eat it, which he hated. We would stand at the kitchen counter in the morning while he yelled that I was ruining his sandwich. I always feigned innocence when confronted. I was not a very nice older sister. I would love the mini bento for my daughter who will be in 1st grade and finally eating lunch at school. She has already declared cafeteria food disgusting and has not even tried it yet so I know she will be taking a lunch everyday.


We actually went home for lunch in elementary school (can you imageine that now?) but my worst lunch was in middle school when my mom bought a bunch of cans of canned salmon instead of tuna by mistake and made regular tuna salad (pickles, celery, mayo) just subbing in salmon. I could not eat it after it had sat in my locker all morning- too gross.

I would love the Miss Bento!


1) spaghetti-o's from a can....not the good kind

2) ms. bento! yay!


1. Being the oldest, I always made lunches for myself and my siblings (tuna salad every day for 4+ years). However, when I lived in Spain, my host mom made me lunch one day when we had a field trip. It was crusty bread slathered with mayo and topped with slices of jamon serrano. The trip was to a small town where we walked by a place where they had jamon serrano hanging from the rafters. The smell was overpowering and there was a thick cloud of flies swarming the jamon. Needless to say, I couldn't eat the lunch (and was subsequently scarred from ever eating jamon serrano).

2. Ms. Bento rocks!


Probably a peanut butter & butter sandwich. Yes, it tastes as gross as it sounds.

I would love the mini bento!


Worst lunch--cold grilled cheese--grilled the night before of course!
I love the mini-bento.


When tuna salad or egg salad sit in a container all morning long, it makes me quiver just recalling the sight! Never for my girls, never!

I would love the Ms. Bento!


The worst lunch my mom ever packed for me was a jelly sandwich on white Wonder bread that she made the night before ... and the jelly pushed through the bread.

I'd love the Ms. Bento.

Cathy McCaughan

When I was in fifth grade, my mother sent me to school with two jars of Gerber baby food and a quarter to buy milk. I was branded by classmates for YEARS because of that lunch.

I love the Ms. Bento, but I think both bags are cute.

Carla (Mama Hearts Baby)

I can't remember the entire lunch but it involved vienna sausages those interesting mini hot dogs which no one really knows what's in it. Just a small container w/vienna sausages. Not in rice or with anything just plain and simple. Eventually I grew to like them but not exactly a favorite at the lunch table.

Tough choice between the mini & the regular but I'll go with the regular one. So excited!


My mom went through a phase of putting leftovers in my lunch. I would have enjoyed it if the woman could actually cook. She would burn water. For a few months there I carried half charred leftovers. blech!

I <3 Ms bento!


THe worst lunch ever was the constant Bologna and cheese sandwiches. I have always hated Bologna, and I told my Mom that, but I a;ways got it anyway.

I would love the mini-bento because my oldest starts Kindergarten this fall. Or maybe the Mrs Bento since my husband takes lunch to work everyday.


1. I had to make my own lunches for as far back as I can remember. I don't even remember what I would make.

2. The mini bento.

melissa C

I'd love the first one!

The worst lunch I ever had was one my mom made when she was extremely distracted because we were moving (read: slim pickings in the fridge and a lot going on) My lunch was spaghetti with red sauce lovingly topped with mango and kiwi in one tupperware container. I got home and inquired about the combo. Mom said, "Oh. I put those together? I meant to separate them but realized we had packed almost all the food containers."


It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't viewed it from the side and microwaved it without looking.

Ew Ew Ew. I actually tried it because I was starving, but it was so, so bad!

Miss Behavin

Yep, hi - it's me again! My third day registering for the mini-bento.

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