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April 24, 2009



I recently bought my first shaper recently (before having a baby I was skinny and didn't need one) so I had no clue what kind to get. I saw a brand called Marilyn Monroe at Marshalls and it was only $15 for a full body shaper, you know the kind that is like a leotard? Sweet deal right? Well, the crotch didn't snap, but hooked, like a bra. What a stupid, stupid place for a hook closure and stupid me for buying it, even at the bargain basement price of $15. I was thisclose to making my co-worker unsnap it for me so I could pee. I finally got it open and left it open for the rest of the day and it's been in my underwear drawer ever since.


I tried some granny-panty looking girdle undergarment just after my third child was born. I was out in public when I felt the top roll down my post-partum jelly-belly and the resulting muffin top made me look like I hadn't given birth yet. I haven't had the courage to try anything since. I just wear lots and lots of clothing. In the South.


I tried one recently. It was a cami-top type one. It looked great on but I seriously almost disconnected my shoulder trying to pry the thing off of me. I got stuck half way through. Luckily I had another set of hands nearby or I might still be standing in my room with one arm up over my head..

cat/bad kitty

I get the roll up thing too -- if you're curvy (literally curvy, as in rounded) it just happens. I started tucking it in and somehow that makes it stay in place.

Sarah H

I had to wear some shapewear for an event I was doing... the dress I had was a little too big, and I needed to sinch my belly in a bit :) One problem... it was summer. And this was NOT a lightweight piece of clothing. Plus, it was thick and rolled up a lot during the day. So by the end of the event, (I was so hot by then...) I literally had lines of sweat on my dress from where it had rolled up, and also bruised areas from where it had rolled up as well. It was extremely uncomfortable, and now I really wish I had a Yummy Tummy!


A couple years ago, I went to a fancy dinner for my husband's work/school and wanted to look nice. Postpartum moi ran to the store and got one of those tummy-shaping, ridiculously tall pair of spandex panties. Great idea, fantastic appearance with my shapely new dress... until I needed to pee. How the hell are you supposed to pull the panties all the way back up (you know, up to your chin practically!) when you're wearing a tight, zip-up-the-back dress? I smooshed and pushed but was left half-comfortable and super self-conscious the rest of the evening.

Jen C.

I bought a version of Spanks (can't recall the name) to wear to a formal event that went up to the ribs and had a hole where the crotch to allow you to use the restroom without taking them off. I thought this was a great idea until I actually tried to go with them on - I couldn't because I had "stage fright"! I ended up disrobing completely to "go" because I couldn't get over my fear of getting them all wet! Needless to say, I haven't worn them since even though I love shapewear in general.


I've never tried shapewear and my budget definitely doesn't allow for it now although my post-baby, post-years of gut trouble, complete lack of muscle tone tummy could really use some help. Thanks!


I borrowed a friend's cami shaper to wear to a summer wedding. It was so hot that I left sweaty buttprints on the folding chairs. Mortifying.

Jessie Simmons

De-lurking for the first time since finding your blog (waaaay back when you were in PDX). I don't have shapewear stories because prior to becoming a mama, I was in good shape. Since then it's been childbirth, mamahood, and multiple rounds of chemo...none of which lend themselves to being fit.

Lately though, in an attempt to feel less frumpy, I've been wanting to wear fun skirts and tights. "No problelm," I think and happily purchase (read: naively believe) a pair of organic cotton one-size-fits-all tights.

All was good for 20 minutes...then the waistband of my tights worked itself down to the level of my hips. Not only was I getting droopy drawers, thus constantly pulling at the tights to not-so-subtlely rearrange, BUT was also combating the roll of chub that was squeezed upwards as the tights moved down. So much for banishing my frumpiness...


I wore Spanx - the one that you can strap your bra to with like 4 complicated hooks, making it physically impossible to escape from - under my dress to my husband's big fancy corporate holiday party. I was SO PROUD that i managed to pee through that little hole without incident, even after my 5th drink! it was seriously the biggest worry of my night, and each time we'd go for another drink i'd stop at the bathroom first, unsure if this would be the last time i'd be with it enough to manage it without wetting myself. fun times!


I like to wear really big underwear; there is something comforting about having your underwear cover all of your tummy and bottom. I often get teased by my sisters and anyone else who has seen my "only Korean grandmothers wear those" underwear. When I visited Korea in the late 80's I went shopping for underwear. In Korea, they have a strange number system just for underwear. The look on the faces of the ajummas when I asked for size 110 panties! You would of thought I had asked them to stop eating kimchi or something. White is my favorite color too! : )


I wore a shape under a bridesmaids dress (who doesn't) and basically it was a bra and tummy tuck thing. Well, it dragged my boobs down soo far it looked like they were part of my waist! it was awful!

RookieMom Heather

The last time I wore spanx, I was in a beautiful dress and thought I looked all hawt. Two different strangers asked me when the baby was due. WTF?! Never wearing that combo again. True story.


I bought one that was supposed to help the tummy, butt, thigh area to wear under a bridesmaid's dress. It took 15 minutes to get the thing on, and then my friends had to cut it down the side to get me out of it during the reception. I chalked it up to yet another lesson learned.


Just leaving my entry for day #2. I have been working out like a fiend lately and have lost a few pounds. I am still 55 away from my pre-pregnancy weight so I desperately still need to wear shapewear and haven't found the right garment yet. Hoping yummy tummy is it!!


I just wore my spanx to an event under my dress and leggings (yes, I wore leggings - I was channeling Allison Irihita, thankyouverymuch!). Afterwards all of us went karaoking and a friend grabbed my waist and he said, "Wow, you're really tucked in there, aren't you?" I nearly fainted from embarrassment. So much so I didn't answer him and instead walked away like I had no idea he had even spoken to me.

I died as little inside.


Wore Spanx under a fancy new dress I'd bought for a friend's wedding. After several drinks, had to pee -- and while I did manage to get most of the pee out the hole, not all of it went into the toilet. If you knwo what I mean. Luckily I was the only one who knew I'd basically peed my pant(ies), but still.... all night long I couldn't forget!


I often have trouble getting a shapewear to fit from online shopping. It's either too tight/small for me to squeeze in, or too loose to take effect. Hope this one works.

Auntie Jules

Just 'cuz I have to share- Years ago at my former employer's major fancy holiday party, I decided to wear an off-the-shoulder black velvet number with faux fir trim. I was a a good 2x, maybe almost size 3x, but with my Nancy Ganz strapless tummy tucker, butt-lifter combo, I swore I was a size 6 for the night. All the way through coctail hour and half way through dinner I did well until at the dinner table, without warning, My double D's fell to my dinner plate and everyone heard them hit the fork and knife atop the white china. I quickly put my hand over my chest to hold up the dress and didn't bother to see if anyone was watching. I ran to the bathroom with my girlfriend (for backup) and was horrified to see that not only had the wire broke on the strapless bra part, but the side seam tore as well. I snuck out, went home to change, and came back as if nothing happened. You know I changed into a beaded muu-muu and a cross your heart, tho~


I always wear thong underwear till one special occasion I wanted to look extra hot for my hubby. So I wore some hold it all in contraption under this racy black dress. Then my hubby puts his hand on my back side and promtly asks me why I am wearing granny panties?! Not really the sexy, hot I was going for.


Ugh. A few weeks ago I spent 5 (five!!) (child-free, though!) hours in Kohl's shopping. I tried on countless shapewear versions, the cami, the panties, the long shorts, the whole enchilada, it was exhausting. I damn near got stuck in a few. and doing it in front of a goddam three way mirror may have scarred me for life. After gestating one girl and then twin boys, my body's a train wreck. I ended up buying a girdle thing. I've never worn it, it's still in the drawer with tags on it. But this Yummie Tummie thing looks promising...

Laptop Television Mom

Wore some Spanx under my dress at my cousin's wedding, and the damn Spanx kept "rolling" down! I ended up with a muffin top AND a tube of Spanx around my midsection. Not-so-sexy! :-(

-- LTV Mom


I wore Spanx to my cousin's wedding last summer. They were fine, good, reasonable enough, but the wedding was in Arizona. In the dead of July. OH MY GOD, THE SPANX WOULD NOT COME OFF. They were glued to my big hot legs! I have not broken them out since, instead opting for an old pair of gym shorts so my legs wouldn't chafe. Because THAT's classy!


I LIVE in my Spanx knock-off from JCP. I tried the Target version of Spanx, but they always roll down. Plus, I've noticed that they're mostly geared for hip/thigh shaping, but I'm an apple shape. I need compression in the midsection to get rid of the muffin top. I would love to try this product!

Kami W Huyse

Usually when I try to put on shape control garments I have just showered and they stick to my skin. I am always terrified someone will walk in just at that moment as I struggle to get the thing on. Sigh!


I have never tried a shape wear product of any kind, though I am in desperate need. I have been looking around forever but have never found one I want to shell out a bunch of money just to try one, and then be out the money and stuck wtih something I don't like. So, I guess I have the fear of an initial purchase.


My story involves a very aggressive almost full body slip and a dress made from a very slinky material. The shapewear did a great job of smoothing me out. But as the night wore on, the stays got tired and started to 'slump' out. Soon I had these bony 'tracks' down my belly and back. Worse than my own lupms. It ended up in th trash in the bathroom.

RookieMom Whitney

Under my wedding dress, a sheath-style gown, is the first place I wore any shapewear. It was supposed to do the job of bra and tummy flattener in one. My dress was strapless so I had hooks sewn into it and the shapewear so that they would be attach, reducing the odds of the undergarment riding up above the dress.

It was hard to tell which side was the front of the shapewear, so the seamstress sewed the hooks into the wrong locations. On my wedding day, I wore the tube-shaped garment sideways, removing any breast-support benefit that had been built in. Luckily I was 28 and had not yet had children. I probably didn't need a ton of support.

Elizabeth Craig

My biggest shapewear fear is the roll up, causing an infinitely worse silhouette than no shapewear at all...


my friend told me recently that I had "Texas sized" muffin top.
this after losing 40 pounds last year, only to put on 15 recently b/c of stress. Bring on the yummy tummy.


I hate the other shapewear I have because it rolls down at the top/waistband and rolls up over the legs. It always looks lumpy! Plus it doesn't control between the waist and the bust so it just looks bad all over. I had just that problem with one on a date once (we'd been starting to get serious) and he wanted to get very serious (so did I, we're married now!) and I couldn't get the damned thing off gracefully! I was humiliated. He was really sweet about it, though.

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