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April 26, 2010



My favorite kind of rice is plain basmati rice. I could seriously eat it everyday.

Nicole Pelton

Ooh, I covet a Zojirushi rice cooker. I love brown rice, got into the japanese breakfast of an egg broken over a bowl hot rice and mixed with seaweed. I also make a mean fried rice.


Honestly, until we had a house full of kids to feed rice was kind of off my radar. I mean, duh, I knew it was out there but it wasn't something I sought out or looked to incorporate into recipes and meals. Now though we have (almost always) brown rice I would say 4 of 7 nights a week. I don't have any one favorite recipe, except maybe faux-sotto, I just love that I can mix just about anything into rice, any kind of veggies, and it will be eaten without argument. And THAT makes rice my favorite.


My favorite dish is a salmon rice bowl. Marinate the salmon in the usual suspects, pan fry to crispy, serve over sushi rice with cucumber, avocado, green onion, sesame seeds and ginger. I could seriously eat it every day. I make it AT LEAST once a week.


It's not the healthiest in the world, but I'm a big fan of my MIL's fried rice. (I sneak in extra veggies and brown rice where I can.) It's so simple. Cook a pot of rice. Fry up about 3/4 of a pound of bacon, remove from grease (save in pan) and crumble. Throw rice into hot bacon grease and fry. In a bowl, lightly beat 3 eggs, some soy sauce and some sugar. Add to rice and turn to coat. Mix in crumbled bacon. Throw in frozen peas and carrots if you want, or some chicken or shrimp and heat through. Easy peasy and oh so delicious.


Being Vietnamese I love rice too! Sometimes a plain bowl of rice hits the spot.


We eat some sort of rice with almost every dinner - probably at least four days a week. Jasmine, basmati, brown, doesn't matter. With veggies, without. Spiced up or just plain. We love our rice!


Being a Hawaii girly myself, rice is a religion in our household. My favorite rice is the Tamaki gold short grain rice.


Here's my tweet! http://twitter.com/thienkim/statuses/12894632402


Rice is a staple in my house too! We favor jasmine rice but like all kinds. I would eat rice with every meal but my favorite is breakfast - rice w/ over easy eggs and bacon/sausage.


Jasmine rice for me!


I just love rice! I like different rice grains for different reasons and serve them accordingly, so it's hard to pick. But I do have a funny story to share, speaking of growing up with eating rice with everything. I was in 6th grade and had a friend over after school. She is of Italian-American descent and was a little shocked when my grandma (who lived with us at the time) served us hot dogs and rice with ketchup on the side. She was reluctant to try it at first but came around. :D Mmmmm.
if I win you can reach me at: cgwms2[at]yahoo,[dot]com


It's hard to pick a favorite rice dish...pork fried rice? Rice cakes (mix leftover rice with beaten egg, fry in little cakes--eat in Ecuadorean locro--potato soup)?


I love Rice. Paella is my favorite, but any kind of rice is great.

oona b

My husband loves when I make green chile rice casserole, with lots o' sour cream and pepper jack cheese. I also like to make coconut curry chicken with jasmine rice on the side. I wish my daughter liked rice more.... Thank you!

Kristen CT

I love kimbop.


My favorite kind of rice is Japanese short grain rice. One of my favorite things to eat with rice is crispy bacon. Yum!


I love rice. I'm Filipino-Italian and grew up eating rice and pasta regularly but I definitely prefer rice. I had a dream as a child about being in a large dining room with lots of worn wooden tables and benches. There was a friendly white haired old woman who fed me the most delicious plain rice I have ever tasted. I've been trying to find that rice ever since.


My fav, and my kids as well, is simply purple rice (with azuki beans), eaten with roasted seaweed. Best stuff on earth!


We love brown rice with Yumm! sauce! BEST DINNER EVER!!


Right at this moment I am eating brown rice with avocado, a little soy sauce, and a dash of sesame oil. When they're in season, I'll add some red bell pepper and fresh corn. Delish!


We love curry chicken with basmati rice.


Good ol' fried rice for a main dish, brown rice of any sort as a side or accompaniment. And I'm dying to try jade rice.


rice pudding!! i also love jambalaya. amazing.


Yellow curry and rice...I'm hungry now.


Plain white rice with chili. Yum!


My favorite is bibimbap!


I've been playing around with Curries lately, so lots of rice being eaten in this house!


My favorite rice dish, hands down, is congee.


jasmine or kokuho rose with salmon teriyaki or broccoli and peanut sauce. Jambalaya is always yummy . and rice pudding is my favorite breakfast :)


Ochazuke is probably one of my favorite rice dishes. Comfort food for the Japanese in me. Some rice, some takuan, some nori with steaming genmai cha.


Growing up we made a breakfast rice with rice, milk, sugar and cinnamon. I still love it.


I'm enjoying Brown Basmati rice right now. Yum.

(One of my favorite things to make in a Fuzzy Logic rice cooker is Steel Cut Oats overnight. I'm sad that my old cooker is having some sort of issue right now -- I hope I can win a new one from you!)


Risotto! Or perhaps the coconut rice with crushed peanuts I had the other day at my usual Indian restaurant. Mmmm.


Love curries with basmati (and the smell of cooking basmati!), but lately I've gotten really into brown rice. As a kid, the chewier texture really bothered me, but now I love it.


I grew up on Japanese sticky rice and have never really gotten over it. It makes great fried rice and of course great sushi but I also love it plain, with a little soy sauce. Mmm, rice!


I NEED a rice cooker, because I make a ton of Indian food and I need well cooked rice, and I've been coveting one for a long time. So assorted curries are my favorite...or cheesy rice for comfort food!


My hands down favorite is mango sticky rice. I can will eat it until I'm sick! I think I'll order thai food now.


My favorite kind of rice is short grain brown rice made in a Zojirushi rice cooker. My mom had been making it in a pressure cooker (takes 1/2 the time) & I really liked it, but then I tried it cooked in a Zojirushi rice cooker & it was so much lighter & fluffier. My favorite rice dish is my friend's Chinese sausage fried rice. I've tried making it w/ her recipe, but her's is so much better! I would so love the 10 cup model so that I have plenty of rice leftover for fried rice!


Basmati and Brown Rice for me!! Yum a lish...Love it with salmon. Could eat that meal every day!




I love to eat a big bowl of plain white short grain rice with just pickled vegetables and sheets of flavored nori. And miso soup. I have been REALLY wanting a nice rice cooker for a long time. My Aroma brand one is not cutting it. The rice dries out right away!


We make a great teriyaki rice with veggies. Yum!


i have been on a fried rice kick-good way to use up leftover meat and include lots of veggies!


Another half-Pinay here: there was rice on the dinner table every night, even if the main meal was spaghetti or some other starch. All my comfort foods from my youth involve rice: eggs & rice, adobo chicken & rice, spinach with soy sauce & rice...

Homegirl Quel

I love basmati rice with curried chickpeas and eggplant.


i love a spicy red or green curry with perfect plain white rice. yum!


My mom was born in Havana, so I grew up with Cuban "Moros y Christianos" (Moors & Christians = black beans and rice)... as well as arroz con pollo (saffron rice and chicken). And don't get me started on Sephardic Jewish grape leaves stuffed w/rice.


Oh, YUM. I love a secret rice dish that my husband's boss makes. It has ham in it, and some sort of spice in it that makes me super-happy. They eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I pile it on my plate whenever I visit. I'd love to make super-awesome rice on my own!

Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama

There's nothing better than the smell of rice cooking! We love all kinds- long grain, short grain, brown, basmati- with anything and everything!

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


I love basmati rice!


ooh rice! I love basmati, brown, white...I love it mexican and with indian and cilantro and lime and garlic. I'd love to see what else I can make with it. I would LOOOOOVE this rice cooker!

RookieMom Whitney

I rented a furnished house for five months from a Japanese guy in the Berkeley Hills. The hot water dispenser was super fun and encouraged me to drink more tea. Plus, boiling water for pasta is SO much faster when you start with water that's nearly boiling.

Average Jane

I'm a big jasmine rice fan.


seriously - people who DON'T have a rice cooker i don't understand - or those who cook rice on the stove!

erik likes to make a benihana fried rice using the rice cooker. he takes the rice after it's nice and fluffy and ads in carrots, egg, chicken, soy sauce and sesame seeds. so yummy!


Jasmine rice! Cuban black beans and rice! Chicken curry with rice! I LOVE RICE. Soooo want to win one of these rice cookers.


My favorite is basmati rice. The fragrance as it cooks is wonderful!


I tweeted!


I love burritos with rice!




My husband is half Thai so in our house Jasmine rice is queen as far as he is concerned that is the ONLY type of rice!

Mary C

This giveaway is made for me because I am in DESPERATE need of a rice cooker. I bought a Sanyo but really, it sucks. I'm Korean too, so I am picky about how my rice is cooked.

I love eating rice with everything... well, almost everything. Including curry, kimchi, toasted seaweed laver, soup, etc..


I love any kind of rice, but mostly I eat white jasmine rice with salty dishes like salmon and with spam as a treat!

Elise yerkey

Sticky rice with fresh mango. MMmmmm.


Curry and rice or Chili and rice.


Thick, steaming, savory chicken and sausage gumbo ...over white rice .....my absolute favorite!


I tweeted your giveaway:



My favorite rice is Kokuho Rose True Koda Varietal, from Koda Farms. http://www.kodafarms.com/products.html


I love jasmine or basmati rice with Indian food! Yum.

Amelia Sprout

I am horrid at cooking rice. I should only eat brown rice, but I always manage to burn it, so I would love having a rice cooker.

The only thing I can make with rice that always turns out right is kheer. (Indian rice pudding) I like mine seasoned with cardamom.


I tweeted today!


I have a rice dish I make with basmati rice, ginger, cilantro, chiles, and coconut. It is awesome!


I love kimchi bokumbop!

Sara Ultz

Chicken and rice soup...yum!

Kim in Minnesota

I like just about any kind of rice; jasmine rice smells so good! trying to make more brown rice to get whole grain goodness; would love to be able to keep it warm. Even with an old fashioned home economics degree, I could not cook rice on the stovetop - was relieved when my Asian friends recommended a rice cooker. The ZOJIRUSHI sounds great!


I feel like I'm cheating by entering today as well, but you said we could ...

Rice with onions, mushrooms, and leftover beer & cheese soup. A nice hot bowl of this, a beer, a movie ... mmmm.


I love chana punjabi with brown rice. Or sauteed kale and white beans with rosemary over brown rice. SO DELICIOUS.


I love basmati rice the most, though jasmine rice runs a close second. And definitely rice pudding as a favorite dish!

Robyn - Who's the Boss?

The rice cooker we have at home now is PATHETIC. I'd love to replace that piece of junk with something as fabulous as this!

My spouse and his family as all major rice eaters - it goes with nearly everything too. My favorite way is to put a little terriyaki sauce and rip up nori and those flakes of heaven you buy at the asian market (I don't know what they are called, it reminds me of fish food but is so damn tasty).


I love shortgrain rice with salt and butter. I prefer it sticky rather than non-sticky.


Red Beans and Rice... yum.


Mmm, rice and chicken, rice and beans, rice and chili, rice and stir fry. Rice! I've always wanted a rice cooker...


Basmati rice with chicken schnitzel, salt, and lots of lemon!

Susan Torrey

I like sticky white rice, da kine you get on plate lunch. I know you know.


my favorite rice dish is bibimbap, and spam bokumbop is my second favorite!

The Sandwich Life

Brown rice, brown rice, brown rice....

Erika Foin

My favorite rice is a chinese soup called jook.


My favorite rice is pork fried rice and plain brown rice with soy sauce. Yumm!!!


Cashew chicken with brown rice, I could eat it every night!


Mmmm - basmati rice. I'd probably eat (should eat) more brown rice if it didnt take as long to cook. Though with a rice cooker, that might not be a problem anymore...


Made chickpea curry last night. Would have loved to have had a Zojirushi rice cooker to cook the basmati rice. Yummy!


I love perfectly cooked white rice - slightly chewy and cooked with enough water/love so the grains lightly stick together.

Warm white rice + raw oysters marinated in Korean chili sauce = heaven!


ochazuke...japanese rice porridge with pickles. yummo!


Spam musubi! I was going to say onigiri, but everything is better with Spam!

Kim S.

My favorite is just white rice although we eat mostly brown now.


I'm Korean, so as you would know a meal isn't a meal if there's no rice. I've grown up with the rice cooker being used every single day at home (I found it weird when I learned it wasn't a staple in every household). But anyways, my favorite food to company my rice is 'kalbi jjeem' or Korean braised short ribs. Even better when you soup some of the liquid into the rice. Mmmm.



Tatiana Gant

favorite rice dish is for breakfast:
cook brown rice in soy milk with a generous grating of nutmeg
after cooking mix in chopped brazil nuts and ground flax seed
serve warm
I like it topped with stewed prunes in the winter and fresh starwberries in the summer


i really really hope i win a rice cooker! another fav dish is plain white rice wrapped in toasted seaweed.

Sara Ultz

Will be fixing many rice-friendly recipes with this!

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